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Do you like playing games? What kind of game do you like the most? Board games, consoles, PC or even mobile games? Whatever game you choose, did you know that there are several terms in the gaming world in English that you must know?

Previously, maybe some of you are not familiar with the term types of games as mentioned above. Board games themselves mean board games, which are a type of game using board or physical media. Examples are monopoly, chess, snakes and ladders, to scrabbles.

Unlike board games, console games, PC or mobile using more modern media with electronic devices. As the name suggests, PC games or Personal Computer games are games that are played via a computer. Mobile games themselves are a gaming trend through cellphones that has only flown after smart phones have been widely circulated in the market. Surely, you’ve played this type of game, right?

Meanwhile, the console or console is a game that uses a certain device that is usually connected to a television as a media for displaying images and sound. Examples of game consoles are PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox, some of the famous console game titles are Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy, or Street Fighter.

Now, after knowing the types of games above, what other terms do you need to know as a gamer? Here are 10 English terms in the game world that you can take a peek at!


If board games are a term for ‘board games’, gameboard itself means the board that is the medium for the game to run. For example, in a chess game, gameboard means a black and white colored board, or in monopoly, you can see it as a board decorated with various objectives and traps.


The Rulebook is a rule book. In every game, there is always a certain way of playing to win or avoid cheating; all of these things are summarized in the rulebook, which you can find when you buy a new game.


Pawns means pawns. If you see ‘pawns’ used in a game, it refers to one or more players that you or your opponent can control. For example, in chess, you can call each of your chess pawns a pawns.


In Indonesian, a dungeon is a dungeon. In the game world, dungeons are often used to refer to a unique room or area that usually contains challenges that players have to go through. Examples of dungeons in the game are castles, prisons, and tunnels.


You must be familiar with this term as the name of a game. Yup, apart from being a board game that will challenge you to master various regions, monopoly can also be interpreted when you exercise full power for one game.


Opponents means opponents. Depending on the type of game you are playing, opponents can mean your opponent playing a board game, or even a monster you have to slash in a console game.


In a game, trivia is a quiz, a question or a small challenge that sometimes appears suddenly to test your skill in knowing the main aspects of the game you are playing. Even though it seems trivial, trivia is usually still important for you to go through, so don’t skip it, OK!


In games, mechanics means a set of mechanisms or guidelines that a player must do to make the game run properly. For example, when playing adventure games, you have to know how to jump, beat enemies, or even win certain challenges. You can call this series of guides as mechanics.

Role-Playing Games

Role-Playing Games, or often abbreviated as RPGs are role-playing games that require the player to portray a certain character and carry out activities as that character. Usually, RPGs are most often attached to adventure or adventure themed games. The most famous examples of RPGs are Final Fantasy and Super Mario Bros.


Arcade or arcade is a term that is often used for games that use a coin slot system as you can see in game play centers or cinemas. Today, arcades are often used to refer to games that have the same concept as these gaKnowmes. Examples of well-known arcade games are Pin Ball or Bubble Shooter.

So, after reading 10 English terms in the game world, are you now ready to play your favorite game? (Translation Source from EF Blog)

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