jurnalartefak.com25 English Idioms That Will Make You Look Smart – Lots of English idioms are used for everyday life. However, some people do not understand its meaning because it is rarely used in everyday life. Try applying it in the environment with friends so that the Idiom will not seem strange. Here are some idiom dictionaries that can add insight into the meaning of the English language.

1. Get Out of Hand

Mean : To become chaotic and unmanageable, as of a situation.
Example Sentence : The party just got out of hand and the guests started to throw bottles at each other.

2. All that jazz

Mean : Other things of a similar kind to the thing or things they have been talking about
Example Sentence: Please enjoy the party. We have all sorts of cocktails and all that jazz.

3. it the Books

Mean : To study, especially with particular intensity.
Example Sentence : I’m going to hit the books because I have an examination coming up soon.

4. Bad blood

Mean :  A feeling of ill will, anger, or hostility between people.
Example Sentence : Nancy and Charlotte is having a bad blood because of that ‘boyfriend’ thing.

5. Come clean

Mean : Be completely honest; keep nothing hidden.
Example Sentence : Daniel could have come clean about his feud with Aiden, but he didn’t.

6. Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat

Mean : Do something unexpected but ingeniously effective in response to a problem.
Example Sentence : I thought we were certain to lose, but my partner pulled a rabbit out of his hat and we finally won the competition!

7. A Piece of Cake

Mean :Something easily achieve
Example Sentence: It’s a piece of cake to beat him in a race. I’m definitely a lot faster than him.

8. Eye candy

Mean : Visual images that are superficially attractive and entertaining but intellectually undemanding.
Example Sentence : Let’s go to the beach. It’s summer and there will be a lot of eye candy.

9. Once in a Blue Moon

Mean : Very rarely.
Example Sentence : We used to see him all the time, but now he just visits us once in a blue moon.

10. Give me five

Mean : Slapping palms above each other’s heads as a a greeting, celebration gesture, or sign of joy.
Example Sentence : “Good job! Give me five!” said the teacher when his student is doing great.

11. Fresh from the oven

Mean : Very new, different, or innovative.
Example Sentence : I just came from a launch party. It was a magazine that is fresh from the oven.

12. A Stone’s Throw

Mean : A short distance away from something.
Example Sentence : The hotel was a stone’s throw from the beach, so it’s quite convenient for us to go swimming!

13. Jekyll and Hyde

Mean : Used in reference to a person or thing that alternately displays two different sides to their character or nature.
Example Sentence : She’s a real Jekyll and Hyde. You never know when she will become unpleasant.”

14. Go the Extra Mile

Mean : Be especially assiduous in one’s attempt to achieve something.
Example Sentence : My English class was great and we learnt so much, because our teacher always went the extra mile for us.

15. Feeling Under the Weather

Mean : Feel sick.
Example Sentence: I think I’m going to have to take the day off work. I feel quite under the weather today.

16. Drama queen

Mean : A person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way.
Example Sentence: Faris is such a drama queen! He really likes to exaggerate things.

17. Puppy love

Mean : Intense but relatively shallow romantic attachment, associated with adolescents
Example Sentence : They were still very young, nobody took their relationship seriously. It’s just a puppy love.

18. Head over heels

Mean : Turning over completely in forward motion, as in a somersault.
Example Sentence : They fell head over heels for one another at the very moment they met.

19. Long face

Mean : An unhappy or disappointed expression.
Example Sentence : Why the long face? Is anything bothering you? Maybe I can help you.

20. Nine to five

Mean : Used in reference to typical hours of work in an office, often to express an idea of routine or predictability.
Example Sentence : She’s tired of working from nine to five. She always wanted to work in a flexible time.

21. Out of the blue

Mean : Without warning; unexpectedly.
Example Sentence: She sent him a letter, out of the blue, telling him that she was in love with another guy.

22. Scapegoat

Mean : A person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.
Example Sentence: He is the worst. He always tries to scapegoat everyone so that he won’t be blamed

23. Kill time

Mean : To do something that keeps you busy while you are waiting for something else to happen.
Example Sentence :  He had nothing in particular to do, so he went for a walk downtown to kill time.”

24. Zip it!

Mean : A rude and angry way of telling someone to stop talking.
Example Sentence: I’m good at this and I don’t need anyone to tell me how, so zip it!”

25. In a nutshell

Mean : In the fewest possible words.
Example Sentence : The President’s in trouble and the reason, in a nutshell, is that people no longer trust him

(Source: Belajar Inggris)

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