3 Important things and Keys in General Election – Independence, integrity, credibility in general election as keys organizer. Organizer, participant, and elector there are important things general election.

3 Important things in General Election

  • Organizer
  • Participant of General Selection
  • Elector


  • Society which have 17 year or have married
  • Nonmember of TNI/Police
  • Have electronic ID Card
  • Living Region Election
  • Healthy bodily and spirit
  • Do not medium in abstracting rights choose him

Volunteers Of Democracy

  • Volunteers of Democracy is society group or group of social which in form by KPU to assist in improving elector quality and participation in using its suffrage.
  • Relationship o become partner of KPU in running socialization agenda and education of elector in KPU Kab Tangerang

Following by which must avoiding:

  • Accept money in whatever form from success team or participant of general election
  • Wear party attribute or participant of general election.
  • Is not neutral or side
  • Give pregnant comment of element of Sara.
  • Avoid meeting have the character of personal wrongly one participant of general election or of success team.
  • Do not entangle itself in conflict of interest
  • Influence political choice of society

Target of Relationship

  • Improve of quality of democracy
  • Improve participant elector
  • Improve trust to public to process democracy
  • Awaken voluntarly society civil in agenda general election

Condition which must be owned by relationship

  • Citizen of indonesia
  • Age 17 year or 25 year for the relationship of elector of beginner
  • Living in region sub-province of Tangerang
  • Nonpartisan
  • Have commitment become relationship
  • Enlist as elector
  • Can communicate with goodness
  • Is not organizer of general election

Three keys organizer of general election

  • Independence
  • Integrity
  • Credibility

With guidance at Regulation with KPU, Bawaslu and of DKPP, no : 13, 11 and 1 About Code of Ethic Organizer Of General election

General election and participation

  • General election represent one of the materialization of execution of democracy which is on its principle is carried out as democracy medium, society participation medium.
  • chosen leader
  • General election represent medium to do replacement of leader constitutionally.
  • circulation elite

Smart elector :

  • Elector o able to give influence to better change to the result of its choice

Source: Presented on technical guidance volunteers of democracy in 2018 by Akhmad Subagja, M.Si