3 Sleeping Time When Fasting Needs to Know – Sleep fasting time needs to be regulated for the health of our bodies. Because too much sleep can relax our bodies.

What’s up guys? Hopefully this day will still be given the ease of all its affairs. Aamiin Today is Friday, April 24 of 2020 coincides with the first day we fast. Of course from yesterday all prepared in welcoming this fasting service. There are those who clean the house, there are also housewives at home preparing offerings for the merry after tarawih prayer. Wow, this must be fun! Especially those who welcomed him happily. As the Prophet said: “anyone who is happy with the entry of the holy month of Ramadan, then God will forbid his body into the fires of hell”. SubhanAllah.

On this occasion I will discuss about the holy month of Ramadan, it does not need to weigh material, because my religion is still small, heheheheh. This is not a study of religion from this fasting month. But there is little value in the study. Here I will discuss a proper sleep time tutorial during this holy month of Ramadan. Beware, do not multi-interpretation well understanding there is an argument that we often hear “the sleep of fasting people is worship”. The period of sleep from morning to before breaking the fast of worship, and the period of waking up. When will the prayer be? When does the Qur’an recite? Yeah, I also like that sometimes.

There are several questions that may be on our minds, especially at the time after dawn. Is sleeping after dawn or Morning Prayer healthy? Well, this must be the question anyway. After I read and read in online media about the health of our bodies after dawn or Morning Prayer is recommended or not. I will explain from what I read.

The right time for us to sleep is as follows:

  1. Sleeping after dawn or after dawn prayer is okay. Try to sleep after dawn enough with just 30 minutes. If more than that the absence of Work From Home becomes late. This means not being present.
  2. Sleeping after midday prayer is also okay. Just like after dawn, try to sleep enough for only 30 minutes. If more than that the Asr prayer will be missed later if the person stayed up late last night.
  3. For the last time to sleep is when all the tarawih prayer activities are finished, dinner has also been held, and relax for a moment with the family in the TV room. Sleep at this fasting time not to dissolve. What are the consequences if you sleep until late? The time to dawn, get ready or warm up the food can be passed, so the time of dawn is not implemented. There are regrets, during the day only complain of hunger, thirst because the meal can strengthen us when fasting and survive from morning until before breaking the fast.

The times above, is the time for us to sleep not too long. It is okay to go to bed at night after finishing tarawih until dawn. Who forbids? There will not be. According to medical science the duration of sleep when fasting is only 6 hours in total. To nourish our body. All that as a support is healthy and nutritious food. My experience at dawn makes our fasting strong. If it is not late in the afternoon it already makes our stomach hungry.

Let the public give priority to our health in undergoing this fast in the midst of this co-19 pandemic, reflecting on the importance of health in our bodies by following government regulations to continue working at home, worship at home, to break the chain of corona pandemic virus.

Thus I created this article. Hopefully this will be useful for the audience. See you in other articles.

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