4 Forms of Violence Against Children – there are Physical violence of children, Psychic, Abandonment, Sexual. There are forms for literacy material about children, because they are next generation after us. Keep smiling for our children.

In general, violence against children is related to treatment which results in adverse effects on children both physical and psychological, which makes children suffer, lose self-esteem and lose their rights.

There are four forms of violence against children:

  • Physical abuse
  • Psychic violence
  • Neglect
  • Sexual violence

a. Physical abuse

Physical violence is an act that results in pain, illness or injury. Physical violence involves beating (slamming, slapping, banging the head of a child), biting, shaking the child’s body, this violence sometimes uses hands or with a tool such as a whip, sticks, belt, shoes, wooden spoons, rattan sticks and using objects the other. But it can also be accompanied by kicking, throwing children, scratching, pinching, burning, flushing with boiling / hot water or being forced to swallow (for example washing children’s mouths with soap or forcing them to eat chili) as well as other forms of violence.

b. Psychic violence

Psychic violence is an act that results in fear, loss of self-confidence, ability to act, feelings of helplessness, and / or severe psychological suffering for a person. This violence often occurs repeatedly unnoticed. Forms of psychological abuse:

  • Often criticize, underestimate or demean the child’s self-esteem
  • often yelled at children
  • Ignore and reject when children need help
  • Calling children with names that are condescending
  • Shaming a child in front of others
  • threatening physically
  • Punishing children
  • Ignore or neglect or leave the child
  • Making children a month of domestic violence
  • Encourage children to engage in criminal activities
  • Continuously ignoring children and refusing to show affection
  • Threatening with words not to pay attention or not to love him

c. Abandonment

Neglect occurs when parents are unwilling or unable to meet the child’s needs so that the child’s growth is not normal. Forms of neglect:

  • When parents fail to protect children from things that are not good for children in their environment
  • Constantly ignoring the child’s needs or not paying attention or taking time to listen and play with children
  • Do not send your children to school so they lose their learning opportunities
  • Leaving the child without entrusting the child to others so that the child is in solitude

d. Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is the imposition of sexual relations against a child. Sexual violence includes:

  • sexual activity
  • Sexual harassment
  • order sexual deeds
  • Demonstrate sexual organs to children
  • showing pornographic images
  • Feeling the child’s body parts
  • telling to masturbate
  • Forcing oral sex
  • Penetration of the genital or anal area with an object, penis or other part of the body.

Some of the adverse effects of violence on children:

  • The child feels no one is helping
  • The child feels helpless
  • Children feel insecure
  • Children feel scared and feel they don’t have a sense of security
  • Often experience emotional instability
  • If you witness violence done by one parent then the child feels guilty because he wants to stop the violence but is unable so that the child is helpless

Other adverse effects:

  • Based on the child’s age: hitting the child can cause physical and psychological injury, shaking the baby can cause brain damage, broken bones and even death
  • Based on its duration: the earlier the child gets violent and the longer the child gets violence the more risky it is to interfere with psychological, physical and sexual health development
  • Based on the frequency: children who often get violence will foster the notion that violence is common.
  • Based on personality: each child is different in overcoming disappointment and hurt. Some children will try to overcome violence by keeping it secret / hiding it or pretending it is not sick. Some others will say and express it so that it is stopped or some other children become vengeful.

Source: Materi TOT FDS 2017

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