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The prayer is a body sport and a soul sport. His hands exercised when he was bertakbir, his legs and back exercised when bowing and prostration and sat between two prostrations.

Rasulullah SAW said:

“Let you wake up at night. Because that is the custom of pious people before you. A vehicle for self-approach to Allah, the eraser and repellent from the body “. (HR at-Tirmidhi).

That said, Tahajud prayer is the only sunnah prayer that Allah said in the Koran, namely the Al-Muzzammil verses verses 1 to 20, especially in verses 1 to 10. Then Surat Al-Isra verse 79. Whereas other sunnah prayers are ‘only’ recommended in level of hadith.

What are the proofs that Tahajud prayer on the last 1/3 night was healthy, here is a little commentary:

  1. Cure Cancer

“I once had skin cancer. The doctor has raised his hand. But tahajjud saved me. From 1982 to 1987, after that I was declared completely healed, “said Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sholeh, caregiver of the Tahajud Therapy Clinic and a solemn prayer trainer. In 2000, he succeeded in defending his doctoral dissertation in the Department of Psychology, Airlangga University, Airlangga University about the midnight prayer for the body’s immune system.

“If that person wants to recite the midnight prayer as long as Rasulullah SAW, just two rak’ahs overnight, there will be a metabolism of our bodies that will sweat, even in an air-conditioned room. This sweat is healthy. Because in our body there is a cholesterol-cholesterol metabolism will be burned ATP / ADP so that it becomes energy that stimulates sweat glands to sweat. So, if you don’t sweat it doesn’t have much physical impact. Most people who recite the midnight prayer are merely in pursuit of reward or pursuing maqamam mahmuda in the strict sense, “he explained again.

  1. Enhance body immunity

Dr. Abdul Hamid Diyab and Dr. Ah Qurquz said, evening prayer can increase the body’s immunity (immunity) against various diseases that attack the heart, brain and other body organs.

Because people who wake up at night, means stopping sleep habits and calm for too long which is one of the factors that trigger the occurrence of blocked blood vessels.

  1. Avoid back disease

Getting up at night can make your body fit and vibrant, and avoid back disease in old age. In one medical study it was proven that people who are accustomed to evening prayer are relatively safer from disease attacks on the spine than those who do not pray at night.

  1. Stress Relievers

Tahajud prayer contains a large amount of aspects of meditation and relaxation, and has an influence on the psyche that can be used as an adaptive stress reduction strategy. Stress has a great influence on the resistance of one’s body. And stress, both physically and psychologically causes a lot of bodily fluid (hormone) expenditure and faster evaporation from the body.

  1. Generating Positive Motivation

Tahajud Prayers are carried out with sincerity, solemnity, right, sincere and continuous believed to be able to foster positive perception and motivation. And positive emotional responses (positive thinking) can avoid stress reactions.

  1. The mind is brighter and more solemn

It is appropriate if Allah wills that the midnight prayer be performed after sleep. Instead of staying up late, then end with Tahajud prayer.

Word of the Prophet: “… Pray and sleep because your body actually has the rights that you must fulfill and in fact your eyes have the rights that you must fulfill …” (Narrated by Al-Bukhari).

Sleep is a state of natural rest in various living things, including humans. In humans, sleep is important for health.

In normal sleep normally the function of the motor nerves and sensory nerves for activities that require coordination with the central nervous system will be blocked / inhibited, so that during sleep tends not to move and the responsiveness is reduced.

When you wake up your mind must be brighter. Imagine in one day, our heart beats 100,000 times, our blood flows through 17 million arteries, veins / capillaries and veins.

Without us knowing on average, we speak 4,000 words a day, breathe 20,000 times, move large muscles 750 times and operate 14 billion brain cells. And sleep is a very good rest according to health science, because there is a process of recovery of the body’s cells, adding strength and our brains are functioning again very well.

Tahajud prayer after sleeping, certainly stimulates the vitality of the mind and body. Source: (literacy by tuntunan sholat)

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