jurnalartefak.com6 The Best English Learning Methods – Here are  the best method of Many people think that learning English is very difficult and takes a long time. The language learning process depends on the level of difficulty of the language itself. English is classified as a language that is not that difficult to learn when compared to other languages ​​such as Japanese and Mandarin. However, if there is an intention to study, it will definitely not feel like a burden. Instead, learning a language is a fun thing for language lovers. Well, there are several methods of learning English that are effective and can be done both online and offline. Here’s the review,

  1. Scrabble
    Scrabble is a classic board game in which the player uses random lettered tiles to create words by means of a cross. It’s a fun way to strengthen and enrich English vocabulary, and there’s also a Junior Scrabble version for beginners. Playing Scrabble challenges us to really think in English while trying to make different words using the letters provided. If you’re taking English classes, try buying scrabble and inviting classmates to play together. However, in the current era of globalization, we can also play Scrabble online through websites such as Facebook, or through applications on our respective devices.
  2. Music
    Favorite songs will not only wake the mind and put us in a positive mood to learn English, but the lyrics can also help us develop skills. Research shows how music can help second language learners gain grammar and vocabulary and improve pronunciation skills. Songs are always full of useful vocabulary, phrases and expressions. And because the intended audience is native speakers, the latest songs use more recent languages ​​and colloquialisms. The language used in the song is according to the times and can be used. So music can help you remember your new English words.
  3. Keep Practicing By Doing Repetitions (Note)
    In order to put new English words into memory, we have to keep using them and putting them into practice. Keep a notebook of the new words you are learning, and try to use them in three different sentences. Write out the sentences written and say them out loud. The repetition will help us remember the word, and trying to use a different word will help expand the vocabulary bank. Remember, taking small steps like this will certainly help us achieve our goal of learning a language.
  4. Join English Language Activities
    Another method to learn English is to join English forums or communities, especially for topics of interest. In this way, we can increase self-confidence in the process of learning English so that we will be more inclined to participate. So, whether it’s photography, film, traveling or cooking, discuss your interests with like-minded people in English. If you are nervous about people identifying or knowing you, try creating an anonymous profile. Then read the forums to see what people are discussing. After feeling confident, start being active in the forum by answering questions asked by others – or post your own questions and talk to other members who responded to those questions.
  5. Access All Kinds of Things to Learn English
    One of the most effective and easy ways to learn English is to fully immerse yourself in the language. Find an English radio station to listen to, watch a movie or TV show in English or surround yourself with people who communicate in English. Listen carefully to the conversations in restaurants, on the bus or in shops and try to adopt colloquial language. This method will help both listening and speaking skills as we will try to speak our own words in context to improve our English language skills. With modern technology and applications, this can be done practically anywhere.
  6. Improve Literacy in Learning English
    The more we read English texts for ourselves or out loud, the more confident we will be. If you’re feeling nervous, start with practicing at home then continue reading in front of an audience and asking for their feedback. Of course, it’s also fun to read some beautiful stories. E-books can make learning English easier because if we don’t know a word, we can click on the word to find out its meaning or definition. For example, on Kindle, we can add new learned words to the Vocabulary Builder feature, which is stored on the device. Another feature recommends listening and reading the text at the same time as the best way to improve the learning process.

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English is an international language that has been widely used by the world community. This is supported by the proliferation of the use of English in various fields such as education, politics, literature, economics, technology, and so on. Therefore, mastering English is a necessity in modern times like now. By learning English, a person can improve his quality and interact with many friends from all over the world. What’s more, English is often a requirement to apply for jobs. Of course this will be a great opportunity for someone who can speak English. So, don’t ever find it difficult to learn English because it all starts with small things. Over time, it will definitely produce results and you can feel the benefits. There are many facilities that have been provided for learning English in the current era, such as books, applications, and websites. In addition, we can also choose the method of learning English according to the abilities and desires of each.