jurnalartefak.com, 6 websites You Can Use as Place to Learn English – Honestly, there are several great websites to learn English online. These are and app have activities where you will put your new English skills to work.

The internet is a great tool for learning a new language and thanks to the internet we can access websites to improve learning English. Here are some websites that can be used as a reference for learning English online or maybe offline by downloading files on these sites.


Learnenglish.vn is the perfect e-learning website for learning English online. This website offers thousands of free English lessons. This is a complete package for students to make learning easier. The site also provides the support students need, and all components work together for more effective learning.

Learnenglish.vn has lots of fun and easy lessons to help you learn English comfortably.

British Council

Learn English online with the help of the British Council’s free website with games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises. You can search for your favorite study material or look at a sitemap to see where everything is. We will find many activities listening or Listening and viewing video content on Listen & Watch. The website also has a Grammar section, IELTS practice exam materials, and materials on Business & Employment. To improve academic writing, visit the Writing for Purposes menu.


One of the simplest websites to learn English with all Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing skills as well as good resources for Grammar and Vocabulary. Furthermore, this website also offers online tutors. We can contact the teacher directly and ask for the requested English lesson instruction, at any level. It’s also a great site to make friends with English learners around the world. we can join forces and talk with other students at the same level of English as.


If you are looking for an English learning website with the largest number of learning materials, tips, videos, quizzes, vocabulary and English grammar exercises, then this is the site for you. Many topics are available such as early English, intermediate English, advanced English, pronunciation – speaking, lesson plans, grammar, vocabulary, listening skills, writing skills, teaching English, reading skills, toefl, ielts, english business, tests and quizzes, and English learning media.

VOA learns English

Launched in 1959, Learning English is the multimedia source of daily VOA (Voice of America) news and information for millions of English learners worldwide. Written audio and video programs are written in the vocabulary at the intermediate and upper levels and are read one-third slower than traditional VOA English. Text, MP3, and online podcasts allow people to read, listen to, and learn American English and much more.


Super interactive English learning website which has 100 subject topics especially speaking (Speaking) to learn English conversation every day and speak English fluently. We can learn all the lessons one by one. There is an English conversation with audio in every lesson. There are special notes in each audio that are useful for understanding the use of English in every conversation. There is an exercise at the end of the lesson to check how much we understand it. Plus, there are thousands of useful English phrases for everyday conversation.

So you already know which site to choose, right? Of course according to your abilities and desires.

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