jurnalartefak.com7 Tips to Make Children Learn English Diligently – Try for these 7 Tips in learn English to make children diligently. English is the most spoken language in the world or in many countries. Apart from that, English is also a popular language that is often taught in schools. Those who master English benefit greatly. Over the years, several professional professionals have created activity-based books and curricula for every English learner according to his level. Some of the books cover reading, writing, grammar and other techniques. Using text and activity books at home and school is very beneficial for children’s growth in learning English.

Teaching children like kindergarten children, however, can be a little difficult as they cannot learn in the conventional way by having them sit in one place and learn grammar rules from textbooks. It will be too boring for them and they may develop a fear of language, which we don’t want. Therefore, they must be taught in a unique, interactive and fun way, such as a few tips so that children are diligent in learning the following languages.

  1. Manage your study time regularly. The best way to learn is to practice every day so it is best to set up a study routine for the child. Fix a specific time to follow. Short sessions of about fifteen to twenty minutes are sufficient for very young children as they have a short attention span. Also remember that short, regular sessions are better than long, irregular sessions. Make the session memorable and fun to keep the child engaged in the learning process.
  2. Playing game. Children learn better when they are having fun. Therefore, engaging them in games is the best way to teach them English. Make flashcards, play games like Pictionary (guess words through pictures) or scrabble (arrange words) and do crossword puzzles with them to practice English.
  3. Do Role Play or Role Play. Role-play means to play or perform a part of a character. Create a story with the child’s favorite cartoon character or superhero and perform the role. Speak dialogue and involve children in the story line to practice speaking in English.
  4. Use a Picture Book. Children love brightly colored picture books. Use the English series picture book to teach them the alphabet, names of animals, fruits, vegetables and so on. Start by pointing at the picture and telling them what it is, then saying the word in English and finally getting them to say it themselves.
  5. Using Songs or Rhymes. There are several video songs and rhymes available over the internet today. Most teach an action or action vocabulary that shows the meaning of a song or rhyme. Such videos are very helpful in teaching children English when they learn actions that help them understand the meaning even if they can’t repeat the song or rhyme.
  6. Using Stories. Reading short stories or comics to children is an effective way to teach English. This helps children learn the language as well as develop listening and reading skills as well as their vocabulary development.
  7. Using Real-Life Examples in Everyday Situations. Explaining everyday situations and routine activities makes language learning easier. This helps children become fluent speakers as they can talk on any topic easily due to speaking practice. Therefore, always encourage children to communicate in English and introduce them to objects around them from the start. You can do this by talking about the activities they did while doing it. Another way is to discuss the types of furniture around the house, kitchen utensils, electrical appliances and so on to increase vocabulary. Tell them their respective functions in short sentences so they remember them.

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