7 Ways of Packaging to Make Salted Quail Eggs – This time the admin wants to share a tutorial on packaging of 7 ways of packaging to make salted quail eggs. This is part of the school work for Creative Product and Entrepreneurship subjects. Hopefully this tutorial is useful for us all.

Who is JA’s friend who likes eggs? Ingredients such as eggs can not be separated in the dishes you prepare. And it can be stock in the fridge when you are lazy to make side dishes.

Well, I’m here to make a tutorial on making salted eggs from quail eggs. If you don’t like quail eggs, you can replace them with other eggs you like. After all, the marinating process was the same. I love salted eggs, especially the green salted duck eggs! In my place, it’s called a duck egg or laying duck, which if every morning I take the eggs and collect them then sell them. At that time I had 250, 2 of them male ducks. This is the story of when she was still sitting at the upper middle level. Before proceeding with the process, I want to make a preview first.

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Among the people in making salted eggs usually use a lot of duck eggs. But this time we are experimenting to make salted eggs using quail eggs. Salted eggs are a general term for preserves made from eggs preserved by marinating (given salt). In this case the admin was given an assignment by the Teacher of Creative Product and Entrepreneurship Subjects from the Department of Office Automation Management for Class 12.

Ingredients that must be prepared:

Tutorial for making salted eggs from quail eggs for us is very easy and quite fun in the process, because we were given a group assignment in making these salted quail eggs. Before starting the making of quail salted eggs, let’s prepare the ingredients that need to be prepared in the manufacturing process: Bricks that have been mashed, Water, Salt, Quail Eggs, and Basin.

The steps in making salted quail eggs:

The first process in the making that we do is pouring bricks that have been refined into a basin, then add enough salt into a basin that has been filled with mashed bricks, then pour enough water until it is thoroughly mixed evenly. Next, put the quail eggs into a basin and cover them with batter from the bricks until they are covered evenly. After that let stand or preserved quail eggs for about 3-4 days, so that salt absorbs into the quail eggs become salty. After the process is complete, the next step is the quail egg which we have left for 3-4 days, we clean it first so that it is clean from the dough, after cleaning the quail eggs we boil until cooked.

Now, explain the process. If among you still don’t understand, you can comment below this article or tutorial. Don’t comment too much and don’t comment too heavily, because I am still learning.

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Hopefully what I have to say is useful for all who like salted eggs. But remember, miming is not tired of being reminded not to go too far eating salted eggs, while maintaining his health well. If excessive know yourself the disease can come. Thank you, and we are waiting for other articles on other occasions. Pray for these danish friends who are blessed with health to continue working on this blog.