Cara Mengajar Bahasa Inggris Opinion and Thoughts – kegiatan pembelajaran terdapat cara dalam mengajar Bahasa Inggris materi opinion and thoughts. Materi ini disajikan pada kelas 11 tingkat SMK di semester ganjil atau satu.

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Kegiatan Pembukaan (Opening) 10’

  • Guru menyapa siswa dan mengkondisikan siswa untuk siap belajar.
  • Untuk mengawali pembelajaran, guru menayangkan cuplikan film/gambar yang menunjukkan situasi bullying di kalangan remaja.
  • Setelah menyaksikan cuplikan film/ gambar tersebut, guru menuliskan kata “Bullying” di papan tulis. Lalu guru meminta pendapat siswa apakah ada perilaku bullying pada tayangan tersebut. Beberapa siswa diberi kesempatan untuk menyampaikan pendapatnya.
  • Lalu guru menjelaskan tujuan pembelajaran Chapter 2.


  • Teacher greets the students.

Hello, class, how are you today? We are going to start a new topic today. Are you excited? Are you ready?

(Teacher should wait for the students to respond.)

  • Teacher shows a clip of video/pictures of bullying among teenagers.

What is the video we just watched about? (If the teacher is showing a video.)

Let’s take a look at these pictures (If the teacher is showing pictures.)

  • After watching the video clip/looking at the pictures, the teacher writes the word “Bullying” on the board and starts a discussion with the students.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “bullying”? Have your ever been bullied?

(Teacher has to wait for the students to respond and give appropriate comments.)

Isn’t it sad that in this modern era we still have bullying? What can we do to curb bullying?

  • The teacher explains what they will be doing today.

Can anyone tell me what we are going to do today? Today we will be talking about opinions.


Kegiatan Inti (Main Activity) 15’

Reading Activities

  • Guru menunjukkan teks percakapan yang ada di Chapter 2 buku siswa. Guru menjelaskan bahwa teks percakapan tersebut merupakan salah satu contoh teks yang berisi opini tentang peristiwa bullying. Guru meminta siswa membentuk pasangan.
  • Kemudian secara berpasangan di tempat masing-masing, siswa mempraktikkan percakapan yang ada di buku teks tersebut.
  • Kemudian siswa diminta mendiskusikan beberapa pertanyaan terkait percakapan tersebut.
  • Setelah selesai, guru masuk kepada inti pembelajaran hari ini.


  • Teacher asks the students to see the conversation given in Chapter 2 and discuss the questions. The students are asked to work in pairs.

Do you all have partners? OK! Excellent! Please go to Chapter 2 and read the conversation given. Make sure you read while assuming the characters of the conversation.

  • Teacher asks the students to read and role-play the conversation.

Role-play the conversation, it will be fun. Are you done? Good!

  • Teacher asks the students to discuss some questions of the conversation.

Did you understand the conversation? What is it about?

(Teacher writes all the responses on the board.)

Yes! Indeed, it is connected to our discussion earlier. Bullying is like a disease spreading fast. What do you think about it? What is your opinion? It is very important to have opinions, it reflects on who we are as people

(This is a transition from text to opinion building blocks.)

All of us have opinion, sometimes on small aspects of life and sometimes on serious issues, but we always have to remember whatever the issue, our opinions should be based on proper information and research. Let me ask your opinion on a few small things. Did you watch Hunger Games? (Teacher can choose any movies relevant to the class.)

Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you like pink or do you dislike pink? Each of us has an opinions and we should express them.


Building Blocks 30’

  • Guru menjelaskan opini (meliputi fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaannya). Guru memulai penjelasan dengan menanyakan pendapat siswa tentang film Hunger Game.
  • Guru menyampaikan perbedaan antara personal point of view dengan general point of view.
  • Guru juga menjelaskan cara merespons opini dengan baik menggunakan Bahasa yang santun, baik berupa persetujuan maupun ketidaksetujuan.
  • Guru memberi kesempatan kepada siswa untuk bertanya jika ada hal yang tidak dimengerti.


  • Teacher explains what an opinion is (social function, text structure, and grammatical components).

In this chapter we will be talking about opinions. We will move from fiction world into non-fiction one, the world that is not based on imagination but reality.

  • Teacher also explains the difference between personal points of view and general points of view.

Which color do you think looks good on me? Red or blue? Different people have different opinions; opinions are based on the way we look at different things around us. Our environment influences our opinions, the people we hang out with, the kind of literature we read. This is generally known as a personal view or opinion. A general view or opinion refers to when we agree with the majority of the people and follow them. For example when everyone in class agrees to do something.

  • Teacher explains how to respond to opinions and how to express agreement and disagreement with the opinions. Refer to the opinion expressions in the chapter in the book.

Open your book and let’s look at the way opinions are formed and shared. When we are reading, we have to be sure to distinguish between facts and opinions so that we make correct judgment about things or issues at hand.


Should we go out or eat at home? I think we should eat at home, I heard there are some kinds of virus going around. I don’t agree with you, it’s just a rumor.

  • Teacher asks the students if they have any questions regarding opinions.


Let’s Practice 30’

  • Setelah memahami materi tentang opini, siswa mengerjakan latihan memilih kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi sebuah opini dan menentukan cara menyampaikan ketidaksetujuan/opini yang sopan dan tidak sopan.


  • This section focuses on strengthening the skills learnt in the “Building Blocks”. Teacher can allow the students to work individually or in pairs.

Now you know how to give opinions and how to disagree with someone’s opinion. Now let’s pratice. Please go to the Let’s Pratice section. You can do it alone or work in pairs. If you don’t understand anything or need explanation, please come to me. Ok, Class! Have you finished ? If not, you can finish it at home.


Kegiatan Penutup (Closing) 5’

  • Sebagai penutup kegiatan belajar guru mengulas kembali materi tentang opini dengan meminta beberapa siswa memberi lagi contoh opini dan menjawab pertanyaan terkait opini, untuk mengambil kesimpulan.
  • Guru menutup kegiatan belajar hari ini dengan doa dan menyampaikan hal yang harus dipersiapkan pada pertemuan selanjutnya.


  • Teacher reviews what they have learnt in this section by asking questions related to what they have learnt to see whether the students have understood or not.

Class, who can tell me what we have learnt today?

  • Teacher should wait for the students to responds. If the students don’t respond, the teacher should elicit responses by asking another question, like How do we agree with someone’s opinion or any other aspects of opinions?
  • Teacher closes the session with praying and reminds the students to prepare for the next meeting.

Thank God, we have learnt many things today. I hope you enjoy the class. Let’s pray before we go. Bye! See you!



Kegiatan Pembuka (Opening) 10’

  • Guru membuka pelajaran dengan menyapa siswa, menanyakan kabar, dan lain-lain.
  • Guru melakukan pemanasan belajar dengan mereview pelajaran sebelumnya. Guru dapat membagi kelas menjadi 2 kelompok. Salah satu siswa perwakilan kelompok diminta ke depan kelas. Guru menyampaikan sebuah pernyataan dan siswa tersebut diminta menyatakan persetujuan atau ketidaksetujuannya dengan pernyataan tersebut dan menyampaikan pendapatnya/alasannya.


  • Teacher greets the students.

Hello! How is everyone today? Let’s see what you remember from the last class.

  • Teacher will play a game to recap the earlier lessons. Teacher can divide the class into 2 groups. A student from each group will come forward. The teacher will say a statement and the student have to use proper opinion expressions to agree or disagree with the opinion. The teacher can choose how many statements to use.

Class would you like to play a game? Yes! Great! Let’s divide the class into 2 groups. One member from each group will come forward and express her/his agreement/ disagreement with my statement. Whoever uses the correct expressions wins. Are we ready? Let’s start. Good job, everyone! Give a round of applause for the winning group.


Kegiatan Inti (Main Activity) 70’Active Conversation

  • Siswa diminta untuk mencari pasangan. Kemudian siswa diminta melengkapi percakapan yang ada di buku siswa.
  • Setelah melengkapi percakapan yang memuat ungkapan opini, siswa diminta untuk mempraktikkan salah satu dari percakapan tersebut di depan kelas.
  • Sementara satu pasangan melakukan percakapan, siswa lain diminta mengamati dan memberi feedback setelahnya.
  • Semua siswa harus maju dan guru memberikan input kepada siswa.


In this activity, students will work in pairs to complete the conversations.

Come on, everyone, it’s time to get active. Please choose your partner. Done? Good!

Once they have completed the conversations, they will role play one conversation in front of the class so the rest of the students will listen to the role-play and give feedback after that.

Please open your book and go to the Active Conversation Section of Chapter 2. We have some transactional conversations in this section. Complete the conversations with your partner. Are you done? Have you finished completing the conversations? Now choose one conversation and reenact it.

Who wants to be the first one to reenact the conversation? Yes, wonderful! Good job! Give applause to your friends. Keep up the good work!

All the students should perform. Teacher should give her/his input.


Kegiatan Penutup  (Closing) 10’

  • Guru mengulas kembali apa yang sudah dikerjakan dari awal hingga pembelajaran akhir.
  • Guru membuka diskusi untuk melakukan refleksi terhadap semua kegiatan yang telah dilakukan.
  • Guru menutup pertemuan dengan doa.


  • Teacher should ask the students about the class activities they have done so that it provides a reflection for both the teacher and students.

What do you think of today’s activity? Was it difficult? Was it easy? What did you like most about today’s class? Excellent job!! You have outdone yourself. We can look into it.

  • Teacher closes the session with prayer.

Let’s stop here and let’s thank Almighty God. Bye Take care! See you!



Kegiatan Pembuka (Opening) 15’

  • Guru membuka pelajaran dengan menyapa siswa.
  • Guru dan siswa melakukan sebuah permainan, untuk mereview materi pelajaran sebelumnya.
  • Siswa mengekspresikan pendapatnya dengan cara yang sederhana. Guru menempatkan tanda (Sangat Setuju, Setuju, Tidak Setuju, dan Sangat Tidak setuju) di sudutsudut kelas. Guru akan membaca sebuah pernyataan dan siswa diminta berpikir sejenak, lalu bergerak ke sudut kelas yang sesuai dengan pendapatnya. Di sudut yang telah dipilih, siswa diminta saling bertukar pendapat.


  • Teacher greets the students.

Good morning, class! Beautiful day, isn’t it?

  • Students practice expressing and defending their opinions through a simple activity. Teacher should place signs in different corners of the classroom (Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree). Teacher will read a statement and the students will think about it and based on their opinions the students will move to the appropriate corners of the room. The students will discuss and share their opinions with each other using the expressions learnt in the earlier lessons.

Class, we will do a simple activity. In this activity, you will be required to express your opinions. Do you see the signs placed in the different corners of the class? Yes! Good! I will read a statement, think about this statement and based on your opinion, move to the appropriate corner of the class. Then you will express your opinion using the expressions you have learnt earlier. Are you ready? Let’s start.


Kegiatan Inti (Main Activity) 70’riting Connection

  • Tiap-tiap siswa diminta menuliskan opini terhadap beberapa hal yang ada di buku teks.
  • Guru mengamati siswa melakukan tugasnya dengan saksama dan memberi feedback jika dibutuhkan. Siswa melakukan edit dan revisi berdasarkan feedback dari guru.
  • Setelah selesai menulis, siswa secara bergiliran menyampaikan opini di kelompok masingmasing.


  • Students will write their opinions regarding various issues. Teacher will ask the students to choose one topic given in the book and create an opinion dialog, supported with reasons and examples.

Now that you have learnt how to give opinions, choose one topic and write an opinion dialog, meaning that you have to consider arguing the issue on both sides, negative and positive, and defend it equally. Use the pattern and format of giving opinions explained in the Building Blocks. Enjoy writing

  • Teacher observes how the students work and gives feedback whenever needed. The students edit and revise their work based on the feedback.
  • After finishing, the students can share their work with others.

Please share your opinions with your friends. You can go around and share your opinion, and listen to opinions your friends.


Kegiatan Penutup (Closing) 10’

  • Guru mengulas kembali kegiatan menulis yang telah dilakukan.
  • Guru menutup kelas dengan doa.


  • Teacher will discuss how the writing went.

So how was the writing? Did you enjoy writing the dialog?

(Teacher has to wait for the students to respond and give appropriate responses).

  • Teacher ends the class by praying.

Ok, Class! Let’s end by thanking the Almighty! Take care! I will see you next week.



Kegiatan Pembuka (Opening) 10’

  • Guru membuka pelajaran dengan menyapa siswa, menanyakan kabar, dan lain-lain.
  • Sebelum memulai pelajaran, guru menanyakan apakah di antara siswa ada yang mengikuti

perkembangan berita terkini.

  • Guru harus menutup diskusi dengan sesuatu yang positif dan melanjutkan ke inti pelajaran.


  • Teacher greets the students.

Hello, class! How are you?How is everything?

  • Teacher asks the students whether any of them follows the latest news. (Teacher should elicit responses from students and respond appropriately to their answers.) This activity should be in the form of a discussion between the teacher and students.

Do you read news or watch news programs? Are you aware of what is happening in your neighborhood, district and country? What do you think is the hottest or most talked about issue in the media these days? Do you know what people think about it?

  • Teacher should wrap the discussion with positive things and move on to the main activity of the lesson.

So, Class, are you ready to get your creative juices working?


Kegiatan Inti (Main Activity) 70’

Let’s Create/Contribute

  • Guru menyampaikan bahwa hari ini mereka akan mengerjakan sebuah proyek.
  • Siswa diminta memilih salah satu dari kegiatan yang diberikan di bagian Let’s Create/ Contribute.
  • Saat siswa Kembali dari wawancara, guru bertanya bagaimana wawancara berlangsung. Lalu guru mendorong siswa untuk menyelesaikan proyeknya.


  • Teacher explains that today they will have a project.

Project time! Today, we will be working on our project. I know all of you like doing projects.

  • Teacher will ask the students to choose one of the many activities given in the Let’s Create/Contribute section of the book.

Please open the book and go to the Let’s Create/Contribute section of Chapter 2. You can choose any one of the projects provided. Choose an issue and create questions to interview people. You can use the questions provided in your book. Interview people and write their opinions and give your opinions on the issue. Compile all the opinions, then present your work through one of the following ways; role play, a poster, a movie or a PowerPoint presentation. Are the instructions clear? Do you need any explanation? If you don’t understand something, please meet me. I will explain it to you. Now go out and find people and ask their opinions. You have 30 minutes to conduct the interview.

  • Once the students have finished their interviews, the teacher should ask how the interviews went and then encourage them to finish their projects.

How was the interview? Did you enjoy it? What did you learn? OK! Now everyone, please work with your group and finish the project.


Kegiatan Penutup (Closing) 10’

  • Saat siswa menyelesaikan proyeknya, guru menyampaikan feedback terhadap hasil kerja siswa.
  • Sebelum menutup pelajaran, guru mengajak siswa untuk berdoa bersama.


  • Once the students have finished the work, the the teacher should give her/his feedback.

Wonderful work! All of you did an amazing job. It was quite exciting to see all of you working together and creating something.

  • Teacher closes the lesson by praying together.

Let’s pray before closing. Good job team! See you !Bye!

(Sumber: Buku Guru Bahasa Inggris Edisi Revisi 2017, SMA/SMK/MAK/MA KELAS XI SMK, 2017, Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan)