Contoh soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Teks Report – Teks jenis report ini memiliki banyak kegunaan. Report berfungsi menyediakan informasi mengenai suatu hal membuat dokumen, mengatur dan menyimpan keterangan-keterangan, hingga mengklarifikasikan data-data. Teks jenis ini dapat digunakan dalam buku teks, ensiklopedia, majalah ilmiah, naskah-naskah historis, buku-buku referensi, pelajaran didalam kelas, program documenter TV, majalah, dan lain-lain.

Komponen teks jenis ini adalaha sebagai berikut.

  1. General classification, bagian ini merupakan sebuah pengantar mengenai fenomena/peristiwa yang akan dibahas/dilaporkan
  2. Descriptions, bagian ini menjelaskan secara rinci dan terstruktur mengenai peristiwa yang terjadi

Perhatikan contoh berikut.

Polar bears are mammals that live in the north pole.

Polar bears have a huge body that can reach up to 3.20 metres long and weigh 500 kilos. They have wide feet and they can use their front legs are arms. They swim very as well as far 125 kilometers from the land. Polar bears hunt fish and sea animals and the sea becomes their shelter when they feel afraid of something.

Their amazing coats attract people to kill them. Their fur be mad into clothes, such as jackets and hats. Nowadays, the population of the bear has decreased. Because of the hunting, the government of US and Russia bans hunting and killing bears to protect them from extinction.

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The following text is for questions 1 and 2

Daffodils grow and spread all over Europe. They also grow in north America and western asia. Daffodils called narcissus in their botanical name have flower that look like trumpet.

Daffodils come in many colours, such as white, yellow, orange, and cream. They belong to spring flowers because the flowers blossom in spring. Daffodils have a central whorl of tepals which surrounded by a ring of petals. The tepals of the flowers very among daffodils.

Daffodils live in places with drained, slightly acidic soul and enough sunlight. These flowers can be multipled through asexual cloning t get the exactly same flowers colour and planting the seed. Even though daffodils do not need much fertilizer, these plants need much water when growing. Stop watering after they are three weeks old or blossoming. The pests of daffodils are insect and pest diseases. Bulb rots are the most common problem faced by the plants.

Daffodils are docrative flowers for shrub borders, perennial beds, and ground covers. They are also often used for bouquet, mixed spring flower arrangements in houses and on decks and patios.

  1. How to daffodils used to beautify houses?

A. Their performance

B. Their colours and shapes

C. By making it into house fragrance

D. By planting them to make shrub borders

E. By imitating the colours and shape for furniture

Jawaban: D

Pembahasan: kalimat pada paragraph terakhir menyatakan “daffodils are decorative flowers for shrub borders.”

2. What is not needed to grow daffodils?

A. Much water supply

B. Little fertilizer

C. Sunny places

D. Acid soil

E. Deserts

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: kalimat dalam teks menyatakan “Daffodils live in places with drained, slightly acidic soul and enough sunlight dan “these plants need much water when growing.”

Choose the best answer by marking your choice. The following text is for questions 1 and 2

The work of human bodies looks like a machine. They need food, such as carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals as the fuel. Carbohydrate supplies energy to work and move.

Calorie is the standard measure for enery value of food. Each person needs a different amount of calories per day. It depends on the person’s activities each day. For example, calories spent for standing are different from calories spent for sitting. One needs more calories for working than for sleeping.

The forms of energy in the human bodies are carbohydrate, fat and protein. Carbohydrate can be derived from rice and flour. It provides 8.8 calories per gram (cl/gm) of energy, protein derived from animals and vegetables provides 4.0 cal/gm, adnfat derived from margarine and mayonnaise provides 8.0 cal/gm. These chemical substances provide different calories for each gram of energy, but all of them are very crucial for us to keep our body healthy.

  1. Why do human bodies look like machines?

A. They have similar systems

B. They have similar mechanisms

C. Human bodies work like a machine

D. They are both need fuel for working

E. Machines work automatically like human bodies

2. Why does each person need a different amount of calories?

A. Each person does not want to be the same with others

B. The calories needed depends on the person’s activity

C. The calories depends on person quality

D. Each person has a different standard

E. Each person is different

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