Contoh Soal Ujian Nasional Surat Resmi Email – Dalam Uji kemampuan soal ujian nasional ada contoh surat resmi berupa Email. Contoh soal ini bisa dipakai untuk latihan soal.

Choose the best answer by marking your choice.

The following text is for questions 1 to 3


Subject: Refund

Dear sir/madam,

On 24 September 2014, I ordered a blue silk blouse for £20 from your website. I made the payment by credit card and then received the confirmation email.

I received the package on time, but to my surprise, it was not the clothes I ordered. It was green silk blouse. I’d like you to send me the blue silk blouse and to refund the postage for the green silk blouse because the error is on your part. Many thanks.


Dana Blake

1. What is the purpose of the email?

A. Offering help

B. Asking for an apology

C. Ordering from an online shop

D. Postponing the delivery of items ordered

E. Complaining about the product delivered

2. “… to refund the postage for the blouse…”

The underlined word can be best replaced by…

A. Get

B. Order

C. Repay

D. Invoice

E. Regulate

3. Which statement is correct based on the email?

A. Diana has not received anything

B. Diana did not receive the right order

C. There was a problem with the delivery

D. There was a miscommunication about the payment

E. Diana is satisfied with the service of the online shop

Widodo & Sons Ltd.

13 Kemangi Street,

Namuraden, Pembayangan

Ref: 13/VII/WS/2014

24 September 2014

Marie Anderson

John & Sons Ltd,

Regrent Street 435


Dear Marie,

Re: Request for Catalogue

In response to your letter, Ref, 4/VII/JS/2014, we are sending you our latest illustrated catalogue together with the price list and terms. The order will be delivered two weeks after we receive your order letter. We also could give you a 3% discount if you make the payment within 14 days after receiving the invoice.

Thank you for your inquiry letter of 25 June 2009 and interest in our advertisement.

We are looking forward to your order soon.

Your faithfully,

Reno Suwarman

Marketing Manager

Encl. catalogue

4. The letter is about…

A. Reno’s inquiry letter, Ref 4/VII/JS/2014

B. Widodo & Sons approval of the latest order

C. A acatalogue provided based on Reno’s inquiry

D. Widodo & Son’s response to an inquiry letter

E. Requirements applied for the next transaction

5. What is the best deal offered by the company?

A. The latest illustrated catalogue

B. A discount with applied terms

C. Free delivery charge

D. Free catalogue

E. Free shipping

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