Discussion of Paragraph Park Questions – in this question the writer show the paragraph about the park. It’s just example to find all the questions below when they are (students) finding this paragraph or questions.

Is there any park near your neighborhood? If yes, are there many people, young and old, spend time in the park? What do they usually do there? Do you think it is important to have a park in our neighborhoods? Here’s why parks are important to our neighborhoods.

First, in parks usually grows big trees and most part is unpaved ground. These certainly absorbs water as trees and grass are a far more efficient – and less expensive – method of managing storm water than sewers and drainage ditches made of concrete.

Second, parks provide space for neighbourhood residents to interact with each other and meet new people. They’re also great spaces for events and for people to engage in recreational activities. This allows people to develop a sense of community. A park is perfect for a picnic, concert, or social gathering – whatever your community feels it needs. Increasing the number of parks and recreational facilities in a neighbourhood also resduces crime rates, especially among youth. By giving young people a safe place to interact with one another, it will keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

Furthermore, trees can remove a wide variety of pollutants from the air. Air pollution can increase risk of certain cancers and have adverse effects on children, the elderly and anyone with underlying respiratory problems. It also reduces the distance you can see on summer day and increases the mortality rate in highly polluted cities.

Parks make a neighbourhood more enjoyable to walk through and provide space for popular sports, encouraging physical activities. They provide jogging trails and other amenities designed to get people active. Besides, it is quite obvious that parks where people are able to make connections, meet new friends and participate in recreational activities are also good for the locals’ mental health.

Based on the statements above, local people and government should work together to build more parks. (adopted from: http:// www.gardinergreenribbon.com/why-parks-are-important/ (7th October 2018).

The text talks mainly about … to local neighbourhoods.

A. The definition of local parks

B. The significant roles of parks

C. The description of local parks

D. The controversy of building parks

E. The people’s roles related to parks

The explanation above multiple choice is the main topic of the text is concluded from the first paragraph of the text which contains an introduction to the issue / topic of the text, especially the phrase “here why parks are important to our neighborhoods.” which means “the following reasons the park is important for the environment around us.” so, the text is about the important role of the park, according to the choice of answers (B). the other answer choices are not in accordance with the contents of the text, (A) means the definition / understanding of the local park, (C) means the description of the local park, (D) means the controversy over the development of the park, and (E) means the role of people related to the park.

From the text we can see that the writer…

A. Certainly visits a park to hang out with friends

B. Supports the idea to provide more green spaces

C. Allows the government to build new park in his land

D. Encourages people visiting parks during weekdays

E. Agrees to donate money for building a park

the correct statement related to the author is the choice of answer (B) which means to support the idea of ​​providing more green space. this is concluded from the writer’s opinion described in paragraph two (trees in the park will store reserves more effectively, paragraph three (parks as a place where one interacts with others), paragraph four (the existence of parks reduces air pollution), and paragraph five (parks provide facilities for a variety of physical activities).

Which the following is the writer’s argument about parks near neighborhoods?

A. Building parks promotes more people to do vandalism

B. People must go to a park to interact with their neighbours

C. Visiting parks is good for our mental and physical health

D. People like spending most of their time in parks, day and night

E. A park should provide all kinds of sports and recreational facilities.

the writer’s opinion in the text is the choice of answer (C) which means going to the park both for mental and physical health. this is concluded from the sentence in paragraph five.

(source: Detik-detik Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris Tahun Pelajaran 2018/2019 untuk SMK/MAK, PT Penerbit Intan Pariwara. 2018)

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