Find the Errors in the Text and Help Her Edit It – latihan menemukan (find) kalimat yang errors dalam text dan help (membantu) untuk mengeditnya. Terdapat dalam senuah paragraph masih ditemukan kesalahan dalam kosakata atau menyusun kalimat yang benar. Ini adalah contoh latihannya.

Read the following description about a tourist destination carefully. The writer forgot to edit her draft. Can you find the errors in the text and help her edit the text? For example, read carefully the fifth sentence in the following text. Can you find the errors in the sentence? Yes, waterfal and a bowl giant. The first error should be written waterfall because it was misspelled, and a bowl giant should be written giant bowl (remember how to make noun phrase).

Now try to find the other errors and try to correct them.

If you go to Batu city in East Java, do not forget to visit Cuban Rondo. Cuban Rondo is a must-see waterfall because of it spectacular scenery. The first amazing natural charm to enjoy is the huge greenish rock. The gigantic rock and its vegetation that surrounds the waterfal soar high into the sky. The top of the rock bends inward so that when we stand close to the waterfal, we will feel as if we were inside of a gigantic cave or a Bowl Giant. The greatness of the nature will make you feel very small and price God

The second scenery to enjoy is the charm of the waterfall itself. From the top of the soaring rock, huge amount of water continuously falls down, splash on the large black stones at the bottom of the waterfall, and forms a shallow small lake and stream. The water in the lake and stream crystal clear and icy cold. The wind that blow the falling water and the splash produce millions of tiny droplets of water. The wind can blow your boat. The droplets covers the small lake and visitors in mist. Yes, you will get wet. But you can go to the mall. When the sunlight shine through the cold tiny droplets, you will see rainbows on the

earth, not in the sky, that seems close enough to you the senery is breathtaking. End the trip with something that can warm you up. In the rest area, you can buy roasted sweet corns. If that is not

enough, you can also buy drinks hot delicious and meatball soup hot. When you go home, leave nothing in the area but your footsteps and bring home only your memory unforgettabel about the beautiful Cuban Rondo Waterfall. (Baca juga: Vocabulary Exercise, Builder, and Pronunciation Practice)

Guiding questions for editing:

  1. Does the writer use indentation? What should she do?
  2. Does the writer use correct paragraphing?
  3. Is there any sentence that begins the description by introducing the object to be described?
  4. If you want to divide the text into some paragraphs, how will you do it?
  5. Does each paragraph start with a sentence that introduces the object to be described?
  6. Are there any irrelevant sentences? Can you help the writer find out if any?
  7. Are there any misspelled words? Can you help her find out if any and correct them?
  8. Does the writer use correct grammar in all of her sentences? Help her check the following things: a. whether the verbs in the sentences agree with the subjects, b. whether the modifiers in the noun phrases are well sequenced.
  9. Does she begin all sentences with capital letters? Check the sentences and correct any mistakes you find.
  10. Does she end all sentences with full stops? Correct them if she does not.