How to Operate Photoshop: Tutorial for Beginners – Contoh teks prosedur how to operate photoshop adalah bagian dari kiat-kiat atau tips teknologi contoh lain dari materi teks prosedur itu sendiri, disampaikan pada kelas 12 SMK semua jurusan bahan/sumber belajar mereka.

When you open Photoshop for the first time, it’s easy to click around in confusion for a minute and then reach for your freelancer’s phone number instead. With a little help, you can easily teach yourself how to use it to create beautiful, compelling graphics. All it takes is an introduction to core elements. To get you started, you need to understand how the five most important Photoshop tools work. The five tools are the Layer Tool, the Color & Swatches Tool, the Custom Fonts and the Text Tool, Custom Brushes & the Brush Tool and the Crop Tool.

First, recognize how a layer tool works. A layer can be used for an image, text, brush strokes, background colors, patterns, and filters. Layers are by far the most important element of Photoshop. Always name your layers. Keeping them organized will help keep you sane, especially if you find yourself working on a project with a large number of layers. With layers, you can select, add, delete, and duplicate them. You can also do all sorts of cool things, such as, making animated pictures.

Then, make sure you know how the Color & Swatches Tool operates. The tool lets you use, modify, copy, and save custom colors for your content. It has powerful features that will keep your visual content vibrant and unify your color schemes. To create your own custom color, open the Color Picker by double-clicking on the top box either in the Color module, or in that menu on the left. Then, you’ll see a vertical spectrum of color with a slider on it, which you can adjust to create your own custom color.

Third, change texts using the Custom Fonts and Text Tool. The text tool lets you add custom fonts to your database, and it gives you access to advanced font settings that give your text some serious style. Once you click the Text tool icon, all of the settings and font options will pop up at the top of your screen. These settings let you change the font, font size, and spacing between characters, height, width, color, and style. Be sure to select the layer of your desired text to edit it. To add text to your graphic, click “T” icon on the left side bar, drag the text box over any particular area you want text to appear, and you’re set to go.

Fourth, to achieve a number of different visual effect, change the size, shape, and transparency of your brush strokes using Custom Brushes & the Brush Tool. Once you click the Brush tool icon, all of the settings and brush options will pop up at the top of your screen. These settings let you change the brush size, opacity, flow, and so on. You’ll find a variety of pre-installed brush tips, as well as any custom brush tips you install to Photoshop.

The next tool to use in Photoshop is Crop Tool. The Crop tool lets you crop an image. It works like any crop tool you’ve ever encountered: simply choose your area and crop it out. To use the Crop tool, select the icon indicated in the screenshot from the side menu bar, and drag the box over the area you would like to crop. To adjust the crop box, simply click and drag the small anchor boxes on the sides and corners of the crop box. (Baca juga: Teks Prosedur manual Teknologi dan Tips)

Do the comprehension questions.

Answer the following questions by referring to the text about photoshop above

  1. How many photoshop tools are introduced in the text above?
  2. What is the most important element in photoshop?
  3. Why should you always label your layer?
  4. What can you do with layers?
  5. How can you customize your own color in the photoshop?
  6. What should you do to add text to your photo?
  7. Do you think Custom brushes & the Brush Tool determine the position of the text?
  8. If you want to show only part of your picture, what tool will you use?
  9. Do you think the text is originally finished or it is continued other information?
  10. What further information do you need so that you can really operate photoshop?


The preceding text about ‘How to Operate Photoshop: Tutorial for Beginners’ is called a procedure. A procedure text aims at describing how something is done or made through a sequence of actions or steps.

How are procedures written? In the model text, the title shows the goal that is the name of the procedure to be carried out (i.e., How to Operate Photoshop: Tutorial for Beginners). This is then followed with a list of materials that is a list of tools, which are needed to operate Photoshop. Each paragraph contains the information of what you should do to use each tool. This part refers to the procedure that is the steps to be followed in operating the program.

A procedure text contains a lot of commands (imperative sentences) such as ‘open the Color Picker by double-clicking, change texts using The Custom Fonts, click the “T” icon etc. and time sequencers such as first, second,. etc.