Inge dan Sari Berbicara Nikahan Family Sepupunya – Dialog bahasa inggris tentang wedding’s family di recepsi pernikahan sepupu inge antara inge dan sari.

Useful expressions

  • they run into each other. Untuk maksud yang sama dapat dikatakan: they meet by chance, they bump into each other
  • fancy meeting you here of all places. Untuk maksud yang sama dapat dikatakan: I didn’t expect to meet you here of all places
  • what a pleasant surprise! Untuk maksud yang sama dapat dikatakan: what a nice surprise
  • isn’t she beautiful? Untuk maksud yang sama dapat dikatakan: how beautiful she is!
  • She’s the apple of her grandparents’ eye. Untuk maksud yang sama dapat dikatakan: she’s the favourite of her grandparents, she’s her grandparent’s favourite

Dialogue Inge and sari, two friends who have not met for quite some time, run into each other at the wedding reception of one of inge’s cousins

S = sari

I = inge

S = hi, inge, fancy meeting you here of all places

I = sari, I didn’t expect to see you here either. What a pleasant surprise. Did the bride invited you? Look, isn’t she beautiful? She’s the only daughter of aunt lina, my father’s younger sister. You know my father’s family. Don’t you?

S = yes, I know your father’s family. Actually, I’m the guest of the groom who is a distant relative of mine

I = well, you know sari, she’s the apple of her grandparents’ eye. That’s my grandpa and grandma (pointing) there, surrounded by those children; their great grandchildren in fact. Well, they love her very much because she’s their youngest grandchild

S = I see. Tell me, the boy and the girl on your grandpa’s lap, are they wins?

I = that’s right. They are my nephew and my niece, my elder brother’s son and daughter

S = and the other children? What are they?

I = they boys are my sons, and the girl is their second cousin because her mother is the daughter of my uncle, or in other words, my first cousin

S = oh, inge, these first and the second cousins always confuse me. By the way, where’s your husband?

I = he’s over there, talking with my sister-in-law, my elder brother’s wife. Come on, let’s join them

Wordlist (daftar kata)

  • Apple of one’s eye = kesayangan
  • Bride = pengantin wanita
  • Cousins = sepupu
  • Distant relative = saudara jauh
  • Each other = satu sama lain
  • Fancy = bayangkan
  • First cousin = sepupu
  • Grandchild = cucu
  • Great grandchildren = buyut
  • Groom = pengantin pria
  • Lap = pangkuan
  • Nephew / niece = keponakan
  • Pleasant = menyenangkan
  • Run into = bertemu secara kebetulan
  • Second cousin = misan
  • Sister-in-law = saudara ipar perempuan
  • Surrounded = dikelilingi
  • Twins = kembar

Notes (catatan)

  • Each other. One another = lebih dari dua orang
  • Contoh: fancy you being a relative of mine!
  • What a pleasant surprise! Pola: what (+A) + adj + noun. Contoh: what a kind father!, what kind fathers!, What dirty water!
  • Contoh: my elder sister is a year older than me, my eldest son is the oldest of all my parents’ grandchildren

Exerxise (latihan)

Terjemahkanlah kalimat-kalimat dibawah ini ke dalam bahasa inggris.

  1. Saudara-saudara sepupu saya dalah anak-anak dari paman-paman dan bibi-bibi saya
  2. Dua anak kembar itu adalah buyut-buyut dari kakek dan nenek saya
  3. Cucu-cucu dari paman-paman dan bibi-bibi orang tua saya adalah juga sepupu saya, tetapi tepatnya mereka adalah misan saya
  4. Semua besan orangtua saya datang ke pesta perkawinan emas mereka
  5. Semua saudara ipar laki-laki saya lebih tua dari kakak-kakak laki-laki saya

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