Kirim mail ke Post Office, Beri Ungkapan Ini – Ungkapan kalimat yang berguna dalam dialog mail post office dalam bahasa inggris ialah:

  • First, I’ll weigh them. Untuk maksud yang sama dapat kita katakan: first, I’ll find out their weigh. First, I’ll see how much they weigh
  • Just show this to the officer in charge. Untuk maksud yang sama dapat kita katakan: just produce this for the officer in charge.
  • Fill the form out and and hand it to the person in charge. Untuk maksud yang sama dapat kita katakana: fill in the dorm and hand it to the person in charge. Complete the form and hand it out to the person in charge.

(Dialogue a foreigner is at the post office. He is in front of a stamp counter)

F = foreigner

P = Postman

F = I’d like to send these two letters. One to Bandung by special delivery express mail and the other to England by airmail. How much do I have to pay for the stamps?

P = okay, first, I’ll weigh them…the one to Bandung costs you one thousand rupiahs and hmmm…. Let me see. The other one two thousand rupiahs. Altogether three thousand rupiahs

(after the foreigner pays)

P = here are the stamps for your letter to England. Please check stick them on yourself, and I’m sorry, sir, but the addresses in Bandung is not very clear. Could you write it in block letter, please?

(after that)

P = now, here’s the receipt for that letter. What else I can do for you, sir?

F = well, in fact, I have a parcel to collect. Here’s the notification slip. Where can I collect it?

P = at that counter number twelve over there; just show this and your ID card to the officer in charge.

F = thanks. By the way, could you tell me how to send money by post?

P = Of course. To send money, you must first buy a money order form. Fill the form out, hand it, together with the money, to the counter clerk. He will then give you receipt.

F = is the procedure the same if I send something abroad by parcel post?

P = more or less, sir, but, of course, you have to complete a customs declaration form. Anything else, sir?

F = no, thanks. You’ve been very helpful

P = you’re welcome. I’m happy to be help to you. Bye sir.

F = goodbye

Wordlist atau kosatakata dalam dialog ini:

  • Altogether = semuanya
  • Complete = melengkapi
  • Counter = loket
  • Customs declaration = laporan/pernyataan pabean
  • Hand = menyerahkan
  • ID card = kartu pengenal
  • In charge = yang bertugas
  • Money order = wesel
  • Notification = surat pemberitahuan
  • Officer = petugas
  • Parcel post = pos paket
  • Procedure = prosedur
  • Receipt = surat tanda terima
  • Special delivery express mail = surat kilat khusus
  • Stick (on) = menempelkan
  • Weigh = menimbang

Notes (catatan) yang perlu diperhatikan ialah:

  • to send = to mail (American English) = to post (british English = mengirim
  • to send money = to remit money = mengirim uang
  • airmail = pos udara. Kita kenal airmail, surface mail (pos darat), sea mail (pos laut), ordinary mail (surat biasa), registered mail (surat tercatat), express mail (surat kilat), special delivery express mail (surat kilat khusus)
  • in charge (yang bertugas). Berasal dari in charge (of something). Contoh: the person in charge (of the parcel collection counter)
  • customs (pabean). Pabean selalu customs (jamak). Jangan rancukan dengan a custom (adat istiadat)

Exercise (latihan): terjemahkanlah kalimat-kalimat dibawah ini ke dalam bahasa inggris

  1. berapa perangko untuk surat ke ambon?
  2. Formulir wesel diperlukan bila anda ingin mengirim melalui pis
  3. Selalu cantumkan nama penerima surat dengan jelas
  4. Jika tidak menempelkan cukup perangko di amplop, penerima surat harus membayar
  5. Jika anda tidak mempunyai kartu pengenal, anda tidak dapat mengambil paket anda di kantor pos

Sumber: Conversations for everyday situations, Lie Hua, B. Satyawijaya, Kesaint Blanc. 1997

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