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Gold and Silver Containers

Carcass skin can be chaste with tanned. It’s the same as the carcasses of animals that can be eaten like goats, cows, fortune or illegitimate food such as tigers, monkeys, crocodiles, snakes, etc. Except for the skin of pigs and dogs or those from one of them. Carcasses are animals that die not slaughtered according to sharia.

Haram Muslims use containers or vessels such as pans, cups, mugs, plates, kettle, etc. which are made of gold and silver. This applies to men and women. Which can be used is a container other than gold and silver.

Skin Articles that Can Be Sacred with Tanned

(Fasal) describes unclean goods, unclean goods which can be holy by means of being tanned and which cannot be holy (by means of being tanned).

Carcasses Can Be Holy With Tanned

The dead skin can all be pure by means of tanning. In that case both animal carcasses are halal eaten and those that are not halal are eaten.

Tanning Procedures

The procedure for tanning is to remove fudlulul (inherent things) of the skin that can make rot in the form of blood and others, by using acidic / bitter items such as afshin plants [1]. If the bitter items used are unclean like pigeon droppings, then it is considered sufficient in tanning.

Objects That Cannot Be Holy Even Tanned

Except for the skins of dead dogs, pigs, the offspring of both, or offspring of one of the two results of marriage to a sacred animal. Then the skin of these animals cannot be pure by means of tanning.

His bones and feathers are legally unclean. Likewise the carcass itself is also unclean.

What is desired by the carcass is an animal that dies because other than the slaughter is shar’i.

If so, then there is no need to exclude the fetus of the slaughtered animal (which is sharply) coming out of the mother’s stomach in a dead state. Likewise the other forms of exclusion that are explained in the extensive books of explanation.

Then mushannaif exclude from the fur of the corpse which is his expression that reads, “except the son of Adam.” That is, then in fact the hair and fur of the child of Adam is sacred.

Haram and Usage Fasal Containers

(Fasal) describes containers which are forbidden to be used and which may be used.

Mushannif starts with the first (which is forbidden to use). He said, “other than emergencies, it is not permissible for men and women to use anything from containers made of gold and silver. Not to eat, drink and other than both. ”

As it is forbidden to use the items mentioned above, so it is forbidden to keep them without being used in the opinion of al-ashah.


And it is also forbidden to use a container that is plated with gold or silver, if there is a gilding that is separated if roasted on the fire.

Containers Other Than Gold And Silver

It is permissible to use containers made from other than both, other than gold and silver, which are beautiful containers such as ones made from yaqut.

Gold and Silver Patches

Haram uses a container patched with large silver fillings according to ‘urf for ornamental purposes.

If the silver patch is large because there is a lust, then it is permissible, but it is chaotic. Or small in ‘urf because of the purpose of decorating, it is affirmed. Or because of intention, it is not forced.

As for patches made of gold, the law is absolutely haram, as approved by Imam an Nawawi.

Fasal uses a siwak tool

Fasal) explains about using a siwak tool. Cleansing is one of ablutions.

Siwak is also disclosed for items used in bersiwak, namely arak wood and others.

Bersiwak Law

Siwak is banned in all circumstances.

Siwak is not affirmed tanzih except after the sun slips for people who are fasting, either fasting or sunnah.

The law of makruh becomes lost with the setting sun. But Imam Nawawi prefers the law to not be absolute in any way.

Highly Saving Places for Cleansing

Siwak in its three legal places is more effective than other places.

One of them is when the state of the mouth changes due to azm. Some say that azm is silent for too long. And some say azm is not eating.

Mushannif revealed “wa ghairuhu” (and causes other than azm), nothing else to include changes in the state of the mouth because other than azm, such as eating odorous items such as onion, garlic and others.

The second is when you wake up.

And the third is when you want to pray, whether fardlu or sunnah prayer.

It is also highly recommended in addition to the three places that have been described above, namely in the places mentioned in the books that explain the explanation, such as when reading the Qur’an and the yellowness of the teeth.

Cleansing Procedures

When cleansing is cleansed for the intention of the Sunnah Siwakan, cleansing with the right hand, starting from the right side of the mouth, and running the siwak gently to the roof of the throat and molars. (Source alkhoirot)