Menentukan Informasi Tertentu dari Teks Exposition – analytical exposition adalah teks lisan ataupun tulis yang mempunyai tujuan tuntuk meyakinkan pendengar atau pembaca akan kebenaran suatu isu atau pendapat.

salah satu jenis teks exposition adalah analytical exposition. analytical exposition adalah teks lisan ataupun tulis yang mempunyai tujuan tuntuk meyakinkan pendengar atau pembaca akan kebenaran suatu isu atau pendapat. untuk membuat salah satu persuasi lebih kuat, persuasi tersebut perlu didukung dengan pendapat yang logis dan mendasar mengenai suatu kebenaran isu atau pendapat. jenis teks ini dapat di buku ilmiah, jurnal, majalah, artikel surat kabar, ceramah atau perkuliahan, laporan penelitian, dan lain-lain.

teks analytical exposition terdiri dari tiga bagian, yaitu:

  1. thesis; bagian ini mengemukakan topik yang akan dibahas dan menyatakan posisi pembicara/penulis terhadap topik tersebut. pendapat pembicara/penulis secara garis besar juga disampaikan pada bagian ini.
  2. arguments; bagian ini terdiri atas point dan elaboration. bagian point menyatakan gagasan utama yang mendukung pendapatnya, sedangkan bagian elaboration memperkuat dan mengembangkan gagasan tersebut.
  3. reiteration/conclusion; pembicara/penulis menyatakan kembali posisinya terhadap suatu topik

ciri kebahasaan dari teks jenis ini adalah;

  1. generic human atau nonhuman participants
  2. mental process yang menyatakan pendapat dan perasaan penulis atau pembicara terhadap suatu hal, misal realise dan feel
  3. emotive dan evaluative language
  4. material processes untuk menyatakan apa yang terjadi, misal has polluted
  5. the simple present tense dan the present perfect tense
  6. penomoran untuk mendaftar pendapat yang disampaikan

contoh teks;

it is impossible for undergraduate students like me to do a part-time job to get some extra money because of the relatively short term, essays to finish during the semester and extra-curricular activities. extra-curricular activities at campus become a crucial moment for undergraduate students because they influence their CV’s.

as for me, I could not deny that I need some extra money to pay my tuition fee. hence, the idea to take a part-time job always comes to mind, though I realise that wit will affect my quality time for studying. I also have to achieve my best result in my studies, which leads me into a dilemma in my life as a student.

university always reminds students that a part-time job will make their concentration distracted. due to the short but intense terms, I believe that getting a scholarship to support study is the best idea. universities launch bursaries programme for excellent students who need financial support. the grants surely would help these students to avoid having part-time job that ultimately will influence their achievement in their education, which is also their first priority as students.

in short, students who need financial support in their study do not need to work part-time, but study hard to improve or at least maintain their achievement in education to win a scholarship.

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the following text is for question 1

high transportation tax that the government takes from the owners of vehicles can be a solution to persuade commuters to use public transportation. utilizing public transportation is believed to bring benefits.

first, it inspires us to reduce air pollution. the environment will have good quality air. people are able to inhale healthy air while they are going jogging in the morning or when they are going to the office.

secondly, traffic accidents will also decrease because the number of vehicles on the street will decrease, leading to less traffic jams at rush hour. these help policemen manage traffic at junctions, in boulevards, in highways, etc.

therefore, public transportation will decrease air pollution, leading to a healthy and safe life.

  1. what is the solution to make people use public transportation?

A. insufficient allocation of funds for public transportation

B. uncontrolled public transportation management

C. lack of management in transportation

D. high transportation tax

E. deficit in public transportation budget

Jawaban: D


kalimat pada paragraf pertama menyatakan “high transportation tax that the government takes from the owners of vehicles can be a solution to persuade commuters to use public transportation.

choose the best answer by marking your choice. the following text is for questions 1 and 2

smoking is definitely bad for our health. many people smoke a lot a cigarettes in a day. once someone takes up smoking, he/she might find it difficult to stop. smoking is dangerous for both active smokers and passive smokers.

it is dangerous for active smokers because they inhale harmful chemicals into their bodies. it damages many parts of the body. people, who don’t smoke, but are around who those smoke, are also in danger because they breathe the smoke.

smoking people may get bad breath, lung cancer, bronchitis, yellow teeth/nails, and other diseases. but, mentally, a smoker can encounter some loss concentration and/or balance that affects their social life.

I think smokers have to make serious efforts to stop smoking because it could kill people anytime. moreover, this habit needs to be changed. i frankly warm smokers to stop smoking because it’s killing them.

I believe that teenagers should be educated more about the dangers of smoking to avoid them trying it. also, there should be special agents to keep an eye on selling cigarettes to teenagers and then fine them strictly.

  1. what is the main idea of the text?

A. smoking is unhealthy

B. smoking is dangerous

C. smokers should stop smoking

D. effective ways to stop smoking

E. rules to encourage people to stop smoking

2. why does the writer think that smoking is dangerous?

A. smoking is not cool

B. smoking endangers health

C. smoking leads to a bad habit

D. smoking spends a lot money

E. smoking damages the young generation

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