Menentukan Kalimat Utama Dalam Teks Review – Review adalah genre teks yang fleksibel. teks jenis ini dapat diubah menjadi berbagai macam-macam bentuk sesuai dengan keinginan dan kebutuhan penulis.

pada umumnya, review adalah jenis teks laporan dimana seseorang menilai sebuah produk kemudian membuat sebuah tulisan mengenai produk tersebut. penilaian yang dilakukan dapat berupa penilaian positif maupun negatif. apabila orang tersebut mendapatkan kepusaan dari produk yang ia dapatkan, maka ia akan cenderung menulis laporan yang bernada positif, begitu juga sebaliknya.

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susunan teks jenis ini adalah sebagai berikut.

  1. title, bagian ini berfungsi untuk menggunakan / mengidentifikasi hal/produk yang akan dibuat review-nya
  2. identification of the work, bagian ini menjelaskan informasi detail produk yang akan di evaluasi oleh penulis. merek produk, harga, tempat penjualan, dan hal-hal yang menyangkut informasi produk akan tertera pada bagian ini
  3. evaluation of the work, laporan/tinjauan sebuah hal/produk diletakkan di bagian teks ini. penulis memberikan penilaiannya mengenai hal yang dicermati, di obeservasi, dan direkomendasi. ia akan memberikan opini berdasarkan apa yang dirasakan
  4. conclusion/ recommendations, di bagian akan mengajak para pembaca untuk mempertimbangka opininya mengenai penilaian sebuah hal/produk. apabila penulis merasa produknya bernilai positif dan bermanfaat, maka ia akan mengajak orang lain/pembaca untuk ikut mencobanya. namun begitu juga sebaliknya, apabila ia tidak merasa puas dan kecewa dengan hal/produk tersebut, ia akan berusaha mencegahorang lain agar merasakan hal yang sama dengannya dengan menghimbau mereka agar tidak membeli / mencoba hal/produk tersebut.

perhatikan contoh berikut.

a film entitled War of the worlds and directed by Steven spelberg introduces tom cruise as a hero who defended his children and rescued her daughter.

the film with a budget USD 135 million is taken from a novel written by H.G Wells with John Friedman and David Koepp as the screenwriters.  war of the worlds is a big, clunky movie with some sensational sights, but not with the expected zest and joyous energy from steven.

the film focuses on the one-show-man character of tom cruise, an immature father. the film develops into a story about catching a dream. walking in an illusion, crawling in an open land, lurking in the shadow, and struggling to win a war.

the film also features Dakota Fanning, a missing daughter, who was ultimately saved in a hysteria situation. there is a better scene than jurassic park’s. the scene is about an alien roaming in the run of a basement.

i think it is an amazing war film that will be one of the top box office films in the world, such as jurassic park, the avenger of the earth, thor, and captain america.

the following text is for question 1

avatar is an epic science film written, directed and produced by fames cameron, and distributed by 20th century fox. the film is streaming sam worthington, zoe saldana lang, michelle rodriguez, joel david more, giovanni ribsi and sigourney weaver.

the war has broken out when jake sully landed on pandera planet. the na’vi tribe, native creatures of pandora planet thought that the arrival of humans from earth as a threat. meanwhile, jake could breathe, so he turned himself like a native. later, jake met navi neytiri and fell in love with her. his love made him confused to choose a side, the humans or the na’vi tribe.

the live-action film production spent a lot of money. the film, which can also be seen in 3-D, srtangely influences people thoughts. the effects look real. the story of this film brings the emotions of the viewers, like titanic did.

is it a great movie? i think yes. it’s an amazing film. there are no major plot holes. the technology is brilliant and well-used, and the setting itself is gorgeous.

  1. why did a awar between jake and na’vi tribe break out?

A. jake troop attacked the na’vi tribe

B. jake expended his teritory in pandora

C. planet pandora became an alternative to escape

D. na’vi tribe forced jake troop to return to the earth

E. jake’s arrival in pandora was a threat to the natives

jawaban: E


kalimat pada paragraf ketiga menyatakan “the na’vi tribe, native creatures of pandora planet thought that the arrival of humans from the earth as a threat.”

choose the best answer by marking your choice. the following text is for questions 1 to 3

adapted from a best-selling indonesian novel, laskar pelangi is transformed into a film. it look 40 days to film on belitong island, bangka balitung province. this film that involves 12 local actors was reported to cost Rp 8 billion. will it be as successful as the novel?

the film is about an inspiring teacher and her 10 poor students in kampung gantong in belitong. despite the poor school building, they are highly motivated to make a better future. the story is a reflection of the author’s experience.

the film was produced and directed by talented cineast, mira lesmana and riri reza. the differentiate the film with the novel, salman aristo, the scriptwriter, modified the story from the novel written by andrea hirata. the film production started in 2007 finally completed a year later.

seeing talented people involved in the film, laskar pelangi will definitely follow the success of the novel and continue to inspire its viewers. it’s a must-see for teenagers who seek inspiration.

  1. from the text above, we know that…

A. the movie took 40 days to finish

B. andrea hirata is the producer of the movie

C. the movie was inspired by salman’s experiences

D. the novel of laskar pelangi was a famous work of literature

E. mira lesmana and riri reza wrote the scenario for the movie.

2. what is the main idea of second paragraph?

A. laskar pelangi is about salman’s aristo life

B. laskar pelangi is a story of uptown children’s struggle

C. laskar pelangi is novels have been sold more than 500.000 copies

D. laskar pelangi is about poverty in kampung gantong in bangka belitung

E. laskar pelangi is a story about the struggle of poor students to get a better life

3. “…laskar pelangi will definitely follow the success of the novels and continue to inspires its viewers.”

A. laskar pelangi; the movie

B. laskar pelangi; the novel

C. andrea hirata’s fans

D. the film

E. the novel

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