Offering Help and service dialog and Asking Giving Denying Facts expression – Suatu ekspresi tentang menawarkan pertolongan, jasa atau bantuan (offering help) dan meminta memberi fakta (asking giving denying facts). berikut dibawah ini pengertian dan dialog dari materi ini.

Offering Help
Untuk menawarkan jasa/bantuan, gunakan ungkapan-ungkapan sebagai berikut:

Ungkapan Menawarkan Jasa/Bantuan
– Do you need any help?
– Shall I get you a magazine to read?
– Can I help you?
– I will help you move these chairs
– What can I do for you?

Ungkapan Menerima Jasa/Bantuan
– Sure. Thank you
– That’s very kind of you
– (Oh), yes, please
– Thanks (very much)
– Please help me carry this box

Ungkapan Menolak Jasa/Bantuan
– No. thanks
– No. thank you
– Thank you for offering, but you should not bother about that
– No. it’s all right, really
– No. really I can mnage it myself (thanks)

Contoh Soal Offering Help
Boy: O, gosh! Not again!
Girl: What’s the matter?
Boy: My computer doesn’t work. it’s stalled
Girl: Let me fix it.


Narrator: What does the girl offer?
A. Use a computer program
B. Buy a new computer
C. Repair the computer
D. Work with a computer
E. Install a new computer program

Jawaban: C

Pembahasannya: jawaban disimpulkan dari ucapan anak perempuan, “let me fix it.” yang artinya “Biar saya perbaiki.” pilihan jawaban (C), yang artinya memperbaiki komputer, benar. Pilihan jawaban yang lain tidak sesuai dengan isi percakapan; (A) artinya menggunakan sebuah program komputer, (B) artinya membeli sebuah komputer baru, (D) artinya bekerja dengan komputer, dan (E) artinya memasang sebuah program kompter baru.

Asking Giving Denying Facts
Berikut merupakan ungkapan-ungkapan meminta dan memberi fakta.

Ungkapan Meminta Fakta
– Who is the woman with a yellow gown over there?
– Where did you go yesterday afternoon?
– Why were you absent from the English course?
– How do you keep in touch with your old friends?
– Do you often log on to social media?
– Have you done your science project?

Ungkapan Memberi Fakta
– She is Maya’s aunt
– I went to bookshop
– I had a toothache
– We often send messages via texts of messengers
– No. I seldom open my social media accounts
– Yes. I have finished it

Ungkapan Menyangkal Fakta
– No. I didn’t say that. (Actually you did)
– The food is yummy. (Actually the food is not)
– I’m not lying. (Actually you are)
– I’m afraid that’s wrong. (Actually it is right)
– That is not correct. (Actually that is correct)

Contoh Soal Asking Giving Denying Facts
Boy: You mustn’t believe this
Girl:What is that?
Boy: I saw Reihan and Uli performed in the acoustic festival. They were awesome
Girl: Are you sure that they were Reihan and Uli?
Boy: Definitely! I met and congratulated them at the back stage
Girl: I never thought that they pursue on music and singing
Boy: Neither did I

Narrator: How did boy and the girl feel knowing that their friends formed in a music festival?
A. Satisfied
B. Surprised
C. Anxious
D. Pleased
E. Indifferent

Jawaban: B

Pembahasannya: Jawaban disimpulkan dari kalimat anak perempuan tersebut, “I never thought that they pursue on music and singing.” yang artinya “Saya tidak pernah menyangka kalau mereka menggeluti musik dan menyanyi.” dan respons anak laki-laki tersebut. “neither did I.” yang artinya “saya juga tidak pernah menyangka.” Jadi anak perempuan dan anak laki-laki itu terkejut bahwa Reihan dan Uli pandai bermain musik dan menyanyi, sesuai dengan pilihan jawaban (B), pilihan jawaban yang lain tidak sesuai dengan isi percakapan; (A) artinya puas, (C) artinya gelisah, (D) artinya senang, dan (E) artinya masa bodoh, biasa saja.  Sumber: Detik-detik UN B.Inggris untuk SMK/MAK Intan Pariwara