Past, Present and Future Actions – Ekspresi kali ini tentang waktu yang ada dalam bahasa inggris yaitu past, present dan future. Ketiga bentuk waktu ini sering dipakai dalam pembuatan kalimat. Nah, bagaimana kedudukan dari tiga waktu itu, mari kita sama-sama uraikan dalam materi ini.

Past Events


  • What did you do last night?
  • What were you up to?
  • How did the party go?
  • How was the concert?

Future Plans


  • What are your plans for today?
  • What are you doing later?
  • What are you up to?
  • Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
  • Do you have somewhere to be?
  • Are you going somewhere?
  • Are you going alone?

Grammar: Past

Regular Verbs

Add “<ed” or “-d” to most verbs.

  • form >> formed
  • watch >> watched
  • try >> tried
  • cry >> cried
  • hop >> hopped
  • admit >> admitted
  • lie >> lied
  • date >> dated

Irregular Verbs

  • cut >> cut
  • sit >> sat
  • catch >> caught
  • is >> was
  • am >> was
  • are >> were
  • do >> did
  • have >> had
  • has >> had

Used to

To talk about something that happened regularly in the past, but now it doesn’t happen anymore.


  • I used to live in South Jakarta, but now I live in West Jakarta
  • They used to work here, until they got fired recently
  • Did you use to live here?
  • They used to work here, didn’t they?

“Used to” can also be used to talk about something that someone is familiar with.


  • He is used to going to bed early
  • They are not used to riding public transportation



  • You (or whoever the subject is) are volunteering to do something or are deciding to do something at the time of speaking.


X: Where is he?

Y: I don’t know, but I will give him a call to see where he is

  • You are predicting the future, but you are not sure about it.


X: Where is he?

Y: Looks like he will be late again

Going to

  • You are talking about something that you have already decided before the same time of speaking.


X: can you help me with my paper later?

Y: I’m sorry. I can’t. I’m going to see my dentist

  • You are predicting the future and you are sure about it.


X: Do you think he can handle the new client by himself?

Y: Don’t worry. He’s going to be fine

Present Continuous (Is/am/are + V-ing)

You are talking about something that has already been arranged.


X: Are you coming to Nanda’s wedding on Sunday?

Y: I can’t. I’m leaving for Bandung tomorrow.

Present Simple

You are talking about a schedule or programme.


X: what time does the last train leave?

Y: It leaves at 10 p.m.

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