Pembahasan dan Contoh Soal Teks Explanation – Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris berbentuk Explanation yang membahas tentang proses terjadinya fenomena alam maupun sociokultural.

Teks explanation bertujuan untuk menjelaskan proses terjadinya fenomena alam maupun fenomena sosiokultural. Oleh karena itu, susunan teks explanation adalah sebagai berikut.

  1. Pengertian suatu fenomena secara umum (general statement)
  2. Penjelasan mengenai penyebab dan proses kronologis suatu fenomena terjadi (sequenced explanation of how and why)

Ciri-ciri kebahasaan dari teks explanation:

  1. penggunaan general nouns dan abstract nouns;
  2. penggunaan action verb;
  3. penggunaan the simple present tense;
  4. penggunaan kalimat pasif;
  5. penggunaan conjunctions of time and cause;
  6. penggunaan kalimat bertingkat (complex sentences)
  7. penggunaan bahasa teknis/ilmiah

Contoh teks explanation.

butterflies as insects undergo a complete metamorphosis during their life cycle. they are born as eggs that hatch into larvae and then grow into pupas before transforming into adults which are butterflies.

adult female butterflies lay many almost-invisible eggs at once on plants. these plants, later, will become source of food for the hatching eggs, called larvae. at the stage of larvae, the hatching eggs do not look like butterflies. the larvae of butterflies are called caterpillars. they only thing caterpillars do is eating. the food they eat will be stored and used when they become butterflies. during its growth before turning into pupas called chrysalis, they shed skin 4 to 5 times. when they are fully grown, they stop eating and turn into pupas. hanging under branches, leaves or other hidden areas. inside the pupas, the cells of caterpillars turn into parts of butterflies’ body. when the caterpillars come out their pupas, they have already transformed into butterflies. they have compound eyes and long antennae, and legs and wings. at the final stage of life cycle, the jobs of butterflies are mating and laying eggs of the next caterpillar.

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the following text is for questions 1 and 2

one of the most incredible natural masterpieces is the rainbow. the seven colours, namely violet, indigo, blue green, yellow, orange and red, make rainbow beautiful.

rainbow appears in the sky ususlly after during the rain. they appear in the sky only when the sunlight passes through a thin medium to a denser medium. all seven colour that are present in white light form a semi-circular rainbow. it is believed that a rainbow after rain indicates that there will be no more rain.

  1. the purpose of the text is…

A. to amuse readers about rainbows

B. to present opinions about rainbows

C. to help to create a rainbow

D. to persuade readers to like rainbows

E. to tell how or why a rainbow happens

Jawaban: E


jawaban yang benar adalah “to tell how or why rainbow happens” karena teks tersebut merupakan teks explanation yang bertujuan untuk memberitahu pembaca bagaimana atau mengapa sesuatu terjadi.

2. “one of the most incredible natural masterpieces is the rainbow.” the underlined word is a similar in meaning to…

A. lousey

B. ordinary

C. disgusting

D. marvelous

E. uninteresting

Jawaban: D


jawaban yang benar adalah marvelous karena incredible dan marvelous merupakan sinoni yang sama-sama memiliki arti menakjubkan/luar biasa

Choose the best answer by marking your choice. the following text is for questions 1 to 3

the aurora is akind of natural light phenomenon. its natural light can be seen in the sky, specially in the high-latitude (arctic and antartic) areas. the aurora, which happens in a band, typically occurs in 3″ to 6″ in latitudinal extent and at all longtitudes. this phenomenon involves atoms, magnetosphere, solar wind and elements in the sky.

charged particles which, occur in the magnetosphere, solar and on earth, are directed by the earth’s magnetic field into the atmosphere. when collisions among atoms with these energy charged particles in high-altitude atmosphere or thermosphere happen, an aurora occurs. Discrete aurora can be seen in the sky with the naked eye at nigh. the light of this aurora allows people to read at night without a lamp.

the aurora borealis of Nothern Lights occurs in the northern latitudes, while in soulthern latitudes, the aurora is called the aurora australis or the southern lights. the northern lights occurs alternately with southern lights. the southern lights can be seen in antartica, south america, new zealand and australia

  1. which one is not a fact about aurora?

A. it is a display of natural light

B. discrete aurora can be seen at night

C. it can be seen in the arctic and antartica

D. charged particles collide in the stratosphere

E. it is bright enough for you to read a newspaper

2. what is the main idea of paragraph 2?

A. the process of how aurora happens

B. types of aurora can be seen in the world

C. discrete aurora is invisible to the naked eye

D. discrete aurora is not as bright as the sunlit sky

E. discrete aurora is usually observed only in the night sky

3. from the text , we know that…

A. discrete aurora cannot be seen

B. aurora is a very beautiful princess

C. discrete aurora is more beautiful than a princess

D. aurora borealis is also called the southern lights

E. aurora can be seen in the north and south poles

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