Pembahasan dan Contoh Soal tentang Recount Text – Contoh soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Recount Text adalah  teks yang menceritakan ulang sebuah pengalaman atau kisah seseorang. Menceritakan kembali  masa lampau dengan menggunakan bahasa sendiri.

Menentukan Gambaran Umum atau Informasi Tertentu/Terperinci/Tersirat atau Makna Kata/Frasa/Kalimat atau Gambaran Utama/Tujuan Komunikatif/Pikiran Utama Paragraf/Rujukan Kata dari Teks Berbentuk Recount

Recount adalah jenis teks yang menceritakan ulang sebuah pengalaman atau kisah seseorang. Teks jenis ini sering menggunakan keterangan waktu (adverb of time) seperti when, one day, last holiday, after, before, dan lain-lain. Cirri khas teks recount adalah latar waktu lampau/sudah terjadi. Fungsi teks recount adalah untuk memberitahu (menginformasikan) atau menghibur pembaca. Komponen teks jenis ini adalah sebagai berikut.

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Orientation: bagian ini adalah pengantar awal yang mengenalkan latar dan pelaku-pelaku yang terlibat dalam cerita. Pembaca dibawa masuk ke dalam cerita melalui bagian ini

Events: events menceritakan apa yang terjadi secara berurutan. Beberapa events dapat terjadi dalam sebuah cerita, seperti event 1, event 2, event 3, dan seterusnya. Seluruh event tersebut berhubungan.

Re-orientation: bagian ini menceritakan akhir cerita. Beberapa penulis juga mengungkapkan kesan dan pesannya atau penilaian terhadap kejadian/peristiwa tersebut.

Perhatikan contoh berikut.

Led Zeppelin is the world’s most legendary rock band with numerous award and achievements. In 1968 four talented musicians, Robert Plan (the vocalist), Jimmy Page (the guitarist), John Paul Jones (the bassist and keyboardist) and John Bonham (the drummer), formed this English rock band.

The success of Led Zeppelin was not simply a gift. They had to go through a rough journey to achieve it. Like other bands, Led Zeppelin also faced ups and downs within the band because of Plant and Page’s internal problem. Later, the passing of Plant’s son also had a great impact on his career. In 1980 the sudden death of Bonham shocked all rock music fans and the grief also ended the band in the same year.

The fame of Led Zeppelin has not faded event after three decades. Like the Beatles, Rolling Stone and Queens’ songs, rock bands and singers, and fans of rock music often cover their songs and pay tribute to respect them for popularizing rock music.

Teks diatas merupakan teks berjenis recount. Perhatikan pola to be yang digunakan di sepanjang cerita, rata-rata (sebagian besar) kata bantu yang digunakan berbentuk lampau. Perhatikan juga alur waktu yang disajikan, kakmu akan menemukan pola pengantar (orientation), kemudian cerita bergerak maju, melalui serangkaian peristiwa (events).

The following text is for questions 1 and 2

The most unforgettable moment in my life was when my cat, Kitty, died. This saddest moment happened when I took her to the pet-grooming shop.

As we reached the shop, the car stopped and I opened the door. Without any warning she hopped from my lap and crossed the street. A car suddenly turned right at high speed. At the same time, I heard my cat’s crying. When I looked back, Kitty was bathed in blood. I screamed, asking for help. A man helped me carry Kitty to pavement. I was sobbing at seeing Kitty’s dead body and I could do nothing. She was supposed to be groomed and gracefully walk out the shop.

My heart broke into pieces back then. May you rest in peace, my sweet Kitty! I won’t forget you, ever!

1. Why was the writer heartbroken?

A. Because her cat gave birth

B. Because her cat was stolen

C. Because her cat passed away

D. Because her cat was hospitalized

E. Because her cat ran away from home

Jawaban: C


Jawaban yang benar adalah “Because her cat passed away” karena jawaban C sesuai dengan isi teks pada kalimat pertama (The most unforgettable moment in my life was when my cat, Kitty, died).

2. Based on the text, we know about that …

A. The cat died due to a heart attack

B. The writer loved the cat so much

C. The accident happened in the hospital

D. The cat was hit by an irresponsible rider

E. The writer and the cat were supposed to go to the vet

Jawaban: B


Jawaban yang benar adalah “The writer loved the cat so much” karena penulis patah hati dengan kematian kucingnya (My heart broke into pieces back then) dan penulis juga menyebut kucingnya, my sweet Kitty, yang menyatakan rasa saying penulis terhadap kucingnya.

Choose the best answer by marking your choice.

The following text is for questions 1 and 2

I am really afraid to be left alone, but that night, Friday, 13 April, I stayed at home alone. It was almost 10 O’clock. My brother had not got back and my parents were out. Due to fear, I locked the door.

While I was watching my favourite TV programme in parents’ bedroom, suddenly I saw the door handle shuddering. Someone was trying to open the door. Soon, it stopped. I took some courage and walked to this door, held the handle, and opened the door. It was very quite and cold.

No one was there. I was a little bit scared so I sweated on my hands. I headed back to the sofa in front of the TV, leaving the door open. Suddenly, I saw something strange. A quick white shadow moved in the next room. I was cold and shocked. Spontaneously, I screamed. Hearing my brother’s giggles. I realized that he was trying to scare me.

1. What is the purpose of the text?

A. To retell the writer’s scary experience

B. To give an opinion about the writer’s life

C. To give an explanation about the writer

D. To share ideas about the writer

E. To describe the writer’s life

2. “I realized that he was trying to scare me.”

A. The writer’s brother

B. The writer’s anger

C. The brother’s joy

D. The open door

E. The writer’s fear

The following text is for questions 3 to 5

Helen Adams Keller was born with normal senses of sight and hearing on June 7, 1880. She also showed quick development as she started speaking when she was 6 months old and started to walk at the age of one.

When Keller was 18 months old, Keller got ill and was truck blind, deaf and mute. Keller’s mother realized it when her daughter didn’t give any reaction when the dinner bell was rung or when someone waved a hand in front of her face. Some doctors diagnosed that Keller had contracted an illness called “brain fever”. It might have been scarlet fever or meningitis, but the true nature of her illness is still a mystery.

However, in 1887 Keller made amazing progress in her communication ability with assistance from her teacher, Anne Sullivan. Keller also went to college and graduated in 1904. Despite her limitations, Keller received many awards for her accomplishments.

3. Paragraph 2 tells us about ….

A. The struggle of Keller’s mother

B. The reason for Keller’s illness

C. Keller’s achievement

D. Keller’s struggle

E. Keller’s illness

4. “It might have been scarlet fever or meningitis”

What does the underlined word refer to?

A. The high temperature

B. The mystery

C. The experts

D. The illness

E. The deaf

5. “… Keller had contracted an illness called “brain fever,”

the underlined word has the same meaning with…

A. Fell down

B. Sickness

C. Injured

D. Agreed

E. Dealt

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