Pengertian Modal verbs adalah (can, could, must, may, might, will, would, shall, dan should) dan exercise yang ada dalam artikel ini. Modal verbs digunakan untuk mengungkapkan kemampuan (ability), kewajiban (obligation), kemungkinan (possibility). Dibawah ini beberapa modal verbs yang biasa digunakan:

WOULD, WILL Contoh kalimat:

  • If I studied English harder, I would pass the exam (jika saya belajar Bahasa Inggris bersungguh-sungguh, maka saya akan melewati ujian). (Untuk penggunaan kalimat IF (if sentences))
  • Would you like cup of coffee?(maukah kamu secangkir teh). Untuk permintaan atau penawaran (to request or offer)

Rumus: Would + subject + like + noun?

Examples: Would you like a cup of coffee?

Rumus: would + subject + like + infinitive + ?


  • Would you like to go to cinema?
  • Would you like to eat with me in restaurant?

SHOULD digunakan untuk merekomendasikan atau memberikan nasehat. Ini juga bisa digunakan untuk mengungkapkan kewajiban atau juga harapan.


  • When you go to Jogjakarta, you should visit Borobudur Temple. (recommendation)
  • You should focus on your job. (advice)
  • I really should be at workplace by 7.00 am. (obligation)
  • By now, they should already be in Jakarta. (expectation)
  • I’ve eaten, so I should be ready for the activity (saya sudah makan, jadi saya harus bersiap-siap untuk beraktivitas). (Untuk mengungkapkan logis deduksi (to express logical deduction).
  • You should stop fishing (kamu seharusnya berhenti memancing). (Untuk memberikan nasihat (to give advice).

CAN, COULD  digunakan untuk mengekspresikan kemampuan atau peluang, untuk meminta izin atau menawarkan sesuatu.

  • I can speak Russian (Saya bisa berbicara bahasa Rusia) Untuk mengungkapkan kemampuan (To express ability)
  • Can I open the door? (Bisakah saya membuka pintu?) Untuk permintaan izin (to request permission)
  • Can I help you? (Bisakah saya menolong anda? Untuk menawarkan pertolongan (to offer help)

Rumus: Can + subject + verb1 + object (you)

  • can I help you?
  • Can I get you a juice?


  • I can ride a car. (ability)
  • We can stay with my sister when we are in Bandung. (opportunity)
  • He cannot stay out after 11 p.m. (permission)
  • Any child can grow up to be the doctor. (possibility)

TASK 1 Complete the dialogs below with should, would, could.

Donna              : If I won the ten million dollar lottery jackpot, I ___________ (1) afford to quit

my job and travel the world.

Sam                 : Where ______________ (2) you go if you had that much money?

Donna              : I don’t know, I ______________ (3) choose to spend a year in Paris – or perhaps

I _______________ (4) go to Kenya.

Sam                 : How often do you buy lottery tickets?

Donna              : Never. I guess if I want to win the lottery, I _______________ (5) try buying

some tickets.

Sam                 : That ___________ (6) help.

TASK 2 Choose the correct modals to complete these sentences.

  1. It’s hospital. You ( must not / may not / don’t have to) smoke
  2. Drivers (could / must / may) stop when the traffic lights are red.
  3. You (could not / need not / may not) take your umbrella. It is not raining
  4. If you want to learn to speak English fluently, you (can / need / should) to work hard.
  5. Take an umbrella. It (should / might / must) rain later.

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