Preference Expressions: Questions and Responses – Mengungkapkan berbagai macam maksud hati dalam dialog preference expressions questions and responses, bagaimana bertanya tentang preference dan meresponnya. Yuk, kita sama-sama baca!



  • Which would you prefer: … or … ?
  • Which do you prefer: … or … ?
  • Which one do you like better: … or … ?
  • Would you prefer: … or … ?


  • I prefer aisle to window seat
  • I prefer reading to watching TV
  • I like coffee better than tea
  • I like singing better than playing the guitar
  • I would/I’d rather stay at home than go to the movies


Making Invitations

  • I would like to invite you to my wedding
  • Would you like to have dinner with us?
  • Would you like to join us?
  • Come with us

Responding to Invitations

Accepting invitations

  • I would love to
  • Thank you for the invite
  • That would be great

Declining Invitations

  • I’m sorry, but …
  • I can’t.


Offering something

  • Can I help you?
  • What can I do for you?
  • Let me help you with that
  • Would you like me to send your bags to your room?

Responding to Offers

Accepting offers

  • Yes, please.
  • That’s very kind of you

Declining offers

  • That’s all right.


Asking for Advice/suggestions

  • What do you think?
  • What would you recommend?

Giving advice/suggestions

  • I would suggest that you leave for the airport now
  • If this elevator does not work, you could try the other one
  • how about this one?

Responding to advice/suggestions

Agreeing to advice/suggestions

  • I agree with you
  • I couldn’t agree more
  • You’re right
  • Good idea
  • I thought so, too
  • I’ll do that
  • I wouldn’t say no to that

“It is incorrect to say “I am agree with you”

Turning down advice/suggestions

  • I’d rather not, I’m sorry
  • Perhaps I shouldn’t
  • I don’t think I agree with you
  • I don’t agree with you
  • I disagree with you


Making requests

  • Could you repeat that?
  • Would you mind getting the phone for me?

Responding to requests

Accepting request:

  • Sure.
  • No problem

Turning down requests

  • Sorry, I can’t

Modals: can, could, will, would

  • Can: asking for permission, and requests. Examples: Can I take a day off?, can you sign this form, please?
  • Could: asking for permission, requests, and suggestions. Examples: Can I take a day off?, can you sign this form, please?, We would try to paint our room ourselves
  • Will: offers. Examples: I’ll get a cab for you.
  • Would: asking for permission, requests, invitations, and preferences. Examples: would you mind if I borrowed your car?, would you hand me those bags?, would you mind waiting for me?, would you like to play golf next week?, would you prefer water of juice?

Degrees of Comparison


  • good
  • beautiful
  • bad
  • cheap
  • late


  • better. Example: A is better than B.
  • more beautiful. example: a was more beautiful than B.
  • worse
  • cheaper
  • later


  • best. example: A is the best
  • most beautiful. example: a was the most beautiful
  • worst
  • cheapest
  • latest

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