President Sukarno of Indonesia: Hope and Dream – Presiden Indonesia Sukarno dalam hope and drim (harapan dan mimpi) pada pidato pembukaan konferensi Bandung pada tanggal 18 April 1955

Speech at the Opening of the Bandung Conference, April 18, 1955

This is twentieth century has been a period of terrific dynamism. Perhaps the last fifty years have seen more developments and more material progress than the previous five hundred years. Man has learned to control many of the scourges, which one threatened him. He has learned to consume distance. He has learned to projects his voice and his picture across oceans and continents. He has learned how to make the desert bloom and the plants of the earth increase their bounty. He has learned to how t release the immense forces locked in the smallest particles of matter.

But has man’s political skill marched hand-in-hand with his technical and scientific skill? The answer is No! the political skill of man has been far outstripped by technical skill. The result of thesis is fear. And man gasps for safety and morality.

Perhaps now, more than any other moment in the history of the world, society, government and statesmanship need to be based upon the highest code of morality and ethics. And in political terms, what is the highest of morality? It is the subordination of everything to the well-being of mankind. But today, we are faced with a situation where the well being of mankind is not always the primary consideration. Many who are in places of high power think, rather, of controlling the world.

Yes, we are living in a world of fear. The life of man today is corroded and made bitter by fear. Fear of the future, fear of hydrogen bomb, fear of ideologies. Perhaps this fear is a greater danger than the danger itself, because it is fear which drives men to act foolishly, to act thoughtlessly, to act dangerously.

All of us, I am certain, are united by more important things than those which superficially divide us. We are united, for instance, by a common detestation of colonialism in whatever form it appears. We are united by common detestation of racialism. And we are united by a common determination to preserve and stabilize peace in the world. (Baca juga: Bullying: A Cancer that Must be Eradicated)

We are often told, “Colonialism is dead.” Let us not be deceived or even soothed by that, I say to you colonialism is not yet dead. How can we say it is dead, solong asvast areas of Asia and Africa are un free.

And, I beg of you do not think of colonialism only in the classic form, which we of Indonesia, and our brothers in different parts of Asia and Africa, knew. Colonialism has also its modern dress, in the form of economic control intellectual control, and actual physical control by a small but a lien community within a nation. It is skillful and determined enemy, and it appears in many guises. It does not give up its loot easily. Wherever, whenever and however it appears, colonialism is an evil thing, and one which must be eradicated from the earth…

Source: (Expert token from Africa-Asia Speaks from Bandong, Djakarta Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1955,-19-29)

Read the questions carefully. Note down your opinions and reactions to the questions. During the discussion with your teacher and classmates, offer your personal reaction and understanding of the text.

  1. Do you think politics has changed much since the time of President Sukarno?
  2. Why did President Sukarno want everyone to be united?
  3. What is the new kind of colonialism that president Sukarno is talking about? Dows it still exist? If yes, please describe in what ways. Support your answer with examples
  4. From this article, can you figure out President Sukarno’s hopes and dreams for the world? Explain
  5. What are your hopes and dreams for the world and especially for your country? Describe
  6. Do you think President Sukarno was able to realize his dreams and hopes? If yes, how?
  7. According to President Sukarno, peace is very important. What do you think? Discuss
  8. If you were given a chance to give a speech in front of all the presidents and prime ministers of the world, what would you think about? Discuss in details.

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