Problems of Electoral Roll, Factor Cause and Solution – Problems of Electoral Roll is One of the complex general election step, length about 6 – 10 months and entangle many people Requiring very costly expense.  Always become reason or source takes as problem result of election


Term democratize very popular in world and almost every state claim that is democratic state with various rate of quality of different democracy – difference.


General election represent prerequisite to democracy quality and democracy hinge from quality of general election of itself. Progressively goodness is quality of election, progressively goodness is quality of democracy.


Quality of General election determined by many factor. One of them how to compile recent and accurate elector list

Important Aspect of Data Elector

  1. As guarantee to be elector can use its suffrage
  2. Representing especial component which determine the quality of management of general election.
  3. As data support or reference for activity / process other general election like logistics, nomination, other and political party verification – other
  4. As reference data for the recruitment of officer of TPS and supervisor of TPS

Problems Of Data Elector

  1. One of the complex general election step, length ( about 6 – 10 months) and entangle many people
  2. Requiring very costly expense.
  3. Always become reason or source take as problem result of election

Cycle Compilation Of List Elector

  • Synchronization of DP4 with DPT General election / last election by KPU
  • Compilation of List Elector base on TPS by KPU Kab / town
  • Adaptation and of Research ( Coklit) by PPDP
  • Compilation of DPS by PPS
  • Announcement and society comments to DPS
  • Repair of DPS by PPS
  • Announcement Of DPS Result Of Repair
  • Stipulating of DPT

Problems Of List Elector, Factor Cause and Solution


Stigma of society and or stakeholder participant of general election or related/relevant election of elector list where elector list still assumed to have problem the. The problem for example :

  1. Double data/ elector enlist more than once
  2. Elector which not yet enlisted in DPT
  3. Data element which is not valid / less complete
  4. ineligible elector still enlist

Solution of KPU Related/Relevant is Problem Of List Elector

  • Reinforcement of interest and capacities officer of coklit with recruitment mechanism, and technical tuition / optimal training
  • giving of comprehensive technical guide and implementation
  • Management control measured time as according to step
  • Intensive coordination passing by quickly sector related to elector list like on duty dukcapil, lapas / rutan, hospital, officer of RT/RW/KELURAHAN, organizer of apartment etc
  • need there is media of expose and of sosialisasi pemutakhiran which is massif in order to become the part of society
  • education of enough elector to awake elector to participate actively
  • entangling political party and participant of general election since early process of pemutakhiran
  • Opening registration in KPU to society of report related elector data
  • Doing pemutakhiran of data by reguler through program activity of Pemutakhiran Enlist Elector of have Continuation

Rights Chosen Pursuant To Regulation of KPU Number : 2 Year 2017 Pasal 5

1. To be able to use rights chosen in Election , Citizen Indonesia have to enlist as Elector except determined other in law.

2. Elector as referred to sentence ( 1) have to be up to standard:

a. Even old age 17 ( seven compassion) year or more on balloting or have married

b. Do not medium annoyed head its memory

c. Do not medium disfranchised by him pursuant to justice decision which have had legal force remain to

d. Living in proved Election area with Card Sign Resident Of Electronic

e. In the case of Elector not yet had Card Sign Resident of Electronic of such in letter of d, can use published Bank Statement on duty which carrying out business of kependudukan local civil note

f. Do not medium become National Military Indonesia member, or State police Republic Of Indonesia

Source: Represented at Technical Tuition of Volunteers Democracy Election in Regent and Vice Regent 2018 by M. Iqbal Syam.


An example of Report Volunteers Democracy 

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