Questions and Answers Daily Activities & Hobbies – Tanya jawab atau questions answers seputar ekspresi keseharian (daily activities) dan seputar hobi (kegemaran/kesukaan) untuk berkomunikasi Bahasa Inggris.


Daily activities + Hobbies/Interest

Questions + Answers

  • What do you do in your spare time? + I usually surf the internet
  • What do you usually do on the weekends? + I like to go to the movies
  • Do you play any sports? + I like jogging
  • What are you interests? + I am interested in anthropology
  • Do you have any hobbies? + I am interested in collecting stamps
  • Do you always go to work on foot? + I usually drive to work
  • Do you always take public transportation to work? + I usually go to work by car


Present Simple

Statements + Questions + Answers

  • She goes to work Monday to Friday + Does she go to work Monday to Friday? + Yes, she does
  • She doesn’t go to work Monday to Friday + Does she go to work Monday to Friday? + No, she doesn’t
  • They always come on time + do they always come on time + Yes, they do
  • They don’t always come on time + do they always come on time + No, they don’t

Questions IS/AM/ARE

Statements + Questions + Answers

  • This is your key + is this your key? + Yes, it is
  • I am late + Am I late? + Yes, you are
  • You are playing by credit card + Are you paying by credit card? + Yes, I am


Statements + Questions + Answers

  • you need an extra bed + Do you need an extra bed? + Yes, I do
  • He works on this floor + Does he work on this floor? + Yes, he does
  • They left their bags here + Did they leave their bags here + Yes, they did


The wh-questions can be followed by is/am/are or do/does/did

  • who are your team members?
  • what are you doing later?
  • where is your badge?
  • when is your birthday?
  • why is your apron here?
  • which one is your car?
  • how is your brother doing?
  • who do you work with?
  • what do you usually do after work?
  • where do you keep your badge?
  • when do you leave for your holiday?
  • why did you leave your apron here?
  • which brand did you use for this recipe?
  • how do you manage to keep your weight off?


Statements + Questions + Answers

  • You have repaired the machine + Have you repaired the machine? + Yes, I have
  • She has left the office + Has she left the office? Yes, she has.

For statements that contain have/has, if the verb is followed by noun, there are two ways to formulate the questions. Although the formulas of the question are different, the answer is the same.

  • Do you have an hour? + Yes, they do
  • have they got an hour? + yes, they do

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Negative + Positive

  • This is your key, isn’t it? + This isn’t your key, is it?
  • I’m late, aren’t I? + I’m not late, am I?
  • You’re paying by credit card, aren’t you? + You’re not paying by credit card, are you?
  • you work here, don’t you? + You don’t work here, do you?
  • you have a valid passport, don’t you? + You don’t have a valid passport, do you?
  • you have finished the paper, haven’t you? + you haven’t finished the paper, have you?
  • she has arrived, hasn’t she? + she hasn’t arrived, has she?

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