Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris K13 TP. 2020-2021 – Soal Bahasa Inggris yang di ujikan dalam USBN di tahun pelajaran (TP) 2020-2021 adalah soal terbaru yang dilaksanakan secara daring atau online. Untuk itu saya dokumentasikan sebagai bahan pembelajaran bahasa inggris dimasa mendatang. Semoga bermanfaat.

1. Felix moved to Japan …………… the good weather


B. Because of

C. As

D. Is

E. In additional

2. Cathy : Why do you choose this restaurant?

Kevin : I choose this restaurant ……………….. it’s cheap

A. Because of

B. Due to

C. Because

D. Owing to

E. On account of

3. Mr. Frank: Why are you late?

Ken       : I am sorry, sir ! I am late ……………. the traffic

A. Since

B. Because

C. Because of

D. As

E. Thanks to

4. Michell : Why did he get the best grades?

Mike    : He get the best grades …………….. she had worked hard

A. Due to

B. Because of

C. Owing to

D. Thanks to

E. Because

5. Ken           : ………… like a cup of coffee?

Franky : yes, thank you

A. May I

B. Should I

C. I’ll do

D. Would you

E. Can I

6. Daisy         : May I help you?

Fay      : Hmmmm. Don’t bother yourself, thanks

The underlined sentence expresses ………………….

A. Giving help

B. Asking help

C. Offering help

D. Hoping an offer

E. Refusing an offer

7. David        : Hi, Nancy. Do you want me to buy a cotton candy?

Nancy  : Oh great ! …………….., I’d love one.

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is ……

A. No, thanks

B. Don’t bother

C. Never mind

D. Yes, please

E. Not for me

8. David : Hallo, Nancy. Where have you been?

Nancy : Hi, David. I just bought few kilograms of pears in the market.

David : Do you need some help to carry the pears?

Nancy : ………………………………………………………..

The suitable respond to complete the dialogue is …….

A. Why?

B. Yes, you have to buy it

C. I will help you

D. Of course, that’s very kind of you

E. Good bye

9. We …………..visit Eric when we are in Chicago

A. Should

B. Ought

C. Didn’t ought

D. Doesn’t ought

E. Should be

10. Whatever  you do, you ………….touch that switch. It’s very dangerous.

A. Mustn’t

B. Must

C. Have to

D. Don’t have to

E. Should

11. If you are under 17, you …….. to get your parents’ permission

A. Must

B. Mustn’t

C. Should

D. Have

E. Has

12. If you want to study in Oxford University , you ……….. increase your TOEFL score

A. Mustn’t

B. Should

C. Ought

D. Didn’t ought

E. Join

13. If you ……….., he ……. help you

A. Don’t ask – won’t

B. Didn’t ask – won’t

C. Hadn’t ask – will

D. Wouldn’t ask – will not

E. Wouldn’t have asked – would

14. If we had seen the film, ………………………………..

A. We will not buy the DVD

B. We would not buy the DVD

C. We would not have bought the DVD

D. We will not had buy the DVD

E. We will not buying the DVD

Questions 15-17 refer to the following letter

Dear Mrs. Cassandra,

I am responding to your advertisement for nannies and au pairs that appeared in my local newspaper last Monday.  I have always wanted to visit a foreign country and would love to have the experience of living in the United Kingdom for a while. I am willing to commit to an employment period of one year, as either a nanny or an au pairs.

I have done a great deal of baby-sitting. I can cook reasonably well. I am hard-working and responsible. I am also certified in CPR and have done first aid training with the Red cross.

I have enclosed a copy of my resume, as was requested by your ad, and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,


15. Where does the sender find information about the vacancy?


B. Foreign country

C. United Kingdom

D. Newspaper

E. Radio

16. What does she enclose?

A. Certificate of CPR

B. Mina’s resume

C. Cassandra’s resume

D. Personal letter

E. Salary slip

17. “I am willing to commit to an employment…” The synonym of the underlined word is …….

A. Carry out

B. Neglect

C. Deny

D. Give up

E. Loaf

Questions 18 to 21 are based on the following text

Vietnam Airlines has come a long way since it started out in 1956 with a fleet of five small aircraft. Last year, it took delivery of  five Airbus A321s and signed a contract to buy ten Airbus narrow-bodied 321s of which  the first plane was delivered in 2006. In July, it signed an agreement with Boeing to Purchase four 787 Dreamliners. The expansion of Vietnam Airlines’ fleet – which also includes new Boeing 777s and Airbus A321s, state of the art craft for regional travel – is right on schedule.

In the first six months of 2005, the airline saw its passenger numbers increase by 25 percent, to almost 3 million. Over a third of those passengers are foreigners, and their ranks grew this year as well, to over 30 percent. The travelers are drawn to Vietnam Airlines’ by their strong domestic, regional, and international routes; the airline flies to 16 domestic locations and 26 international destinations. (Source: Vietnam Airlines)

18. What is the main topic of paragraph  two?

A. The number of A321s purchased by Vietnam Airlines

B. The increasing number of travelers flying with Vietnam Airlines

C. The Airline flies to 16 domestic locations

D. The international destinations of Vietnam Airlines

E. The Airline signed an agreement with Boeing to purchase four 787 Dreamlines

19. When did Vietnam Airlines’ fleet consist of only five small aircraft?

A. In 1956

B. In 2006

C. In 2005

D. In 2004

E. In 777

20. “In July, it signed an agreement with Boing to Purchase four 787 Dreamliners”. What does the word of ‘it’ refer to?

A. Boeing

B. 787 Dreamlines

C. Vietnam Airlines

D. Airbus 1321s

E. Vietnam

21. “Over a third of those passengers are foreigners”. The underlined word is closest in meaning to ……

A. Advanced

B. Travelers

C. Conservative

D. Oblique

E. Dreamliners

Questions 22 to 25 are based on the following text                                                               

A few decades ago, professional footballers spent their nights partying. Now, they are much more aware of the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

The change began in the mid-1990s, when mattress salesman Nick Littlehales contacted the manager of the Manchester United football team, Alex Ferguson, asking whether he had ever considered how sleep affected performance on the pitch. Interested, Ferguson

arranged for Littlehales to give a presentation to his team. Before long, the whole team had new mattresses and pillows, and Littlehales soon became football’s leading mattress advisor. In 1998, he supplied mattresses for England’s World Cup team, and at the 2004 Euros, he created individual sleep routines for every player.

Consequently, managers started trying to improve their players’ sleep. Southampton Football Club’s manager Alek Gross, for example, forbade his players from consuming caffeine, sugar or fatty foods, which prevent sleep, in the evenings. Instead, they were given milky protein drinks which made them tired. In fact, on the evening of a game, their captain Rafael Marquez even asked fans who were celebrating at the same hotel to keep quiet because the team were sleeping. The intervention was a great success. Mexico won their next game versus South Korea and even beat Germany in their group.

Now, many teams and players are making an effort to improve their sleep patterns, using various means. Manchester City player Sergio Aguero, for example, was finding it hard to sleep because his muscular body prevented his legs from closing when he lay on his side. He got a new mattress which matched his height and weight, thus keeping his neck and back aligned in the night. Meanwhile, James Milner from Manchester City found it hard to sleep after evening games, so would play computer games into the early hours. As a result, he was too tired to train the following morning. Setting a routine with a late bedtime, early rise and afternoon nap helped to fix this problem. Since these interventions are cheap and effective, even the less well-known teams can benefit. Brentford, for example, has the smallest budget in the championship league. Even so, the club’s head of performance, Chris Haslam, introduced wrist trackers to monitor player’s sleep, and these have led to a clear improvement in players’ attentiveness.

Whereas in the past, playing after a party and a few hours’ sleep was seen as a badge of honour, a good sleep is now considered an essential part of performance. (Sumber: English)

22. ……………..changed his/her sleep routine to improve performance during practices.

A. Rafael Marquez

B. Nick Littlehales

C. Cheri Mah

D. James Milner

E. Chris Haslam

23. ……………… slept more comfortably after buying better products.

A. Alex Ferguson

B. Robin Thorpe

C. Nick Littlehales

D. Chris Haslam

E. Sergio Aguero

24. …………….asked people not to be noisy so that his team could sleep.

A. Rafael Marquez

B. Cheri Mah

C. James Milner

D. Alex Ferguson

E. Alek Gross

25. …………..made his players change their diet before they slept.

A. Alek Gross

B. James Milner

C. Sergio Aguero

D. Cheri Mah

E. Alex Ferguson

The Indonesian Archipelago

The Indonesian Archipelago is the largest group of islands in the world. It extends between two continents, Asia and Australia. It also lies between two oceans the Samudra Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean.

Indonesia’s 13,667 islands stretch 5,120 kilometers from east to west and 1,770 kilometers from north to truth. The five main islands are Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya.

Indonesia has a land area of 1,904,345 square kilometers. More than half of it is forested and a part is mountainous, with 15 of the mountains are still volcanically active. One of history’s greatest volcanic eruptions, which killed thousands of people, occurred in 1883 on the island of Krakatau, which is lies between Java and Sumatera.

Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world. Its total population is 160 milion. More than 60% of the population live on the island of Java.

The Indonesian population consists of more than 300 ethnic groups which speak 500 different language, but most of them understand the national language, Bahasa Indonesia. The Indonesian government’s campaign to popularize bahasa Indonesia at present can be seen, through signs in public places and various which say ‘Use good Bahasa Indonesia correctly’. Indonesia’s motto offices Bhineka tunggal ika, which means Unity in Diversity, symbolizes the unity of the people in spite of their ethnic and cultural origins.

26. The first paragraph tell about ….

A. The location of Indonesia

B. The continents of Asia and Australia

C. The islands in the world

D. The Samudera Indonesia and Pacific Ocean

E. The Indonesian population

27. Based on the text, The Indonesia Archipelago consists of …. Islands.

A. 1.904.345

B. 500

C. 5.120

D. 1.770

E. 13.667

28. “…. occuured in the 1883 on the island of Krakatau …” (see paragraph 3) the underlined world has similar meaning with ….

A. Took part

B. Happened

C. Erupted

D. Built

E. Was done

29. “….. it extends between two continents, …” (paragraph 1) The word “it” refers to…..

A. The Indonesian Archipelago

B. The largest groups of island

C. The islands in the world

D. The Samudera Indonesia

E. The Indonesian government’s

The following text is for questions 30- 34

On Friday, my students and I went to Yogyakarta. We stayed at Jogja Hotel which is not far from malioboro.

On Saturday, we visited the temples in Prambanan. There are three big temples, the Brahmana, Syiwa and Wisnu temples. They are really amazing.We visited only Brahmana and Syiwa temples, because Wisnu temple is being renovated.

On Sunday morning we went to Yogya Kraton. We spent about two hours there. We were lucky because we were led by a smart and friendly guide. Then we continued our journey to Borobudur. We arrived there at four p.m. At 5 p.m we heard the announcement that Borobudur gate would be closed.

In the Sunday evening we left for Jakarta by train.

30. The text above mainly discusses about …

A. The writer’s experience at Yogja Kraton

B. The writer’s impression about Borobudur

C. The writer’s impression anout the guide

D. The writer’s trip to Yogyakarta

E. The writer’s first visit to Prambanan

31. The purpose of the text is to …

A. Entertain readers

B. Describe the smugglers

C. Report an event to the police

D. Inform readers about events of the day

E. Tell past event

32. What are the big temples in Prambanan?

A. Paria, Brahmana, and temples

B. Wisnu, Syiwa, and Borobudur temples

C. Brahmana, Syiwa, and Wisnu temples

D. Borobudur, syiwa, and Brahmana temples

E. Angkor wat, Swiwa, and Sudra temples

33. The text is written in the form of a/an …..

A. Narrative

B. Report

C. Spoof

D. Anecdote

E. Recount

34. We were lucky because we were led by a smart and friendly guide. The synonym of “smart” is ….

A. Stupid

B. Lazy

C. Clever

D. Acute

E. C and D are correct

35. Heri           : what did you do last week?

Agus          : I did a lot of things. I …. to a village yesterday.

Fill the blank to be good sentence!

A. Go

B. Gone

C. Where

D. Was

E. Went

36. Rearrange the word below into a good sentence.


A. He silver medal the won

B. Won the silver he medal

C. He won silver the medal

D. He won the silver medal

E. The he won silver medal

37. You-did-bag-table-on-the-see-my ?

A. You see my bag did on the table?

B. Did see you my bag the table on?

C. See you did my bag on the table?

D. Did you see my bag on the table?

E. Did see you my bag on the table?

38. Complete the following dialogue

Jhony :We’re 5 minutes late. It’s no way we could be at the school before the first lesson begin.

Jane    : Wait a minute, I think  we could.

Jhony : How?

Jane    : …… take a short cut,

there a way behind gas

station, that way lead

directly to the school, we

won’t be trapped in

traffic jam.

Jhony : You’re genius.

A. Why do we

B. We

C. We are not allowed

D. Why we must

E. We should

39. Ery    : Hey, Clara, your arm is bleeding, what happened?

Clara : I fall at the parking area. I didn’t realize, I thought it’s ascratch. …….…?

Ery    : Of course, you need a medical attention immediately.

A. Should I forget it

B. Should I accompany you to clinic

C. Should I drink some medicine

D. Should I go to clinic

E. Should I go home

40. “ your friend should attend OSIS meeting, but he also has to pick up his broter.”

           Your best suggestion will be ……

A. You should attend the meeting and forget about your brother

B. You should pick up your brother and forget about meeting.

C. If I were you I would ask for permission for minutes to OSIS leader to pick up the brother and then back to meeting.

D. Why don’t you attend the meeting until finish and then pick up your brother

E. You should forget about the meeting and your brother.

41. Erica          :I need to download some files, but I have an unstable internet connection.

Lilly     : I think you should go to the lobby, there’s a free wifi,the connection is stable.

Erica    : ……… thanks for your suggestion.

Lilly     : No problem

A. Maybe some other time

B. I’m not sure about that

C. I’d better not

D. That’s a good idea

E. Thanks

42. Complete the offer below with the most correct order.

Would you like …..

A. Have lunch ?

B. A cup of hot coffee?

C. Drink coffee

D. Eat a bowl of noodle

E. Drink orange juice

Read the following text to answer questions number 43 – 45

How to clean LCD screen

1. Shake up the detergent and put it 15-20 cm away from the LCD screen.

2. Spray on the LCD screen surface directly

3. Cleanse gently using the fabric cleanser or brush

You can also do the following steps:

1. Spray the detergent on the fabric cleanser

2. Clean the LCD screen surface to make it as a new one.

43. What should you do detergent first?

A. Clean it

B. Put it away

C. Shake it up

D. Spray it

E. Fabric cleanser

44. Before cleaning the screen surface, we spray the detergent on the screen surface directly or spray it on ….

A. The paper

B. The brush

C. Our finger

D. The fabric cleanser

E. The LCD

45. “cleanse gently with the fabric cleanser or brush” (step 3). What does the underlined word mean?

A. Directly

B. Harshly

C. Cleanly

D. Clearly

E. Carefully

The following text is for no 46-50

Tomorrow, my cousin Wawan will come to visit our house. He is 15 years old. He’s my closest cousin. He studied at SMK Maju grade 11. He is tall about 168 cm. His skin brown. His nose is sharp. His hair is black and wavy. He is good looking and smart. He always rank at his class. He is calm too. His teacher and friend like him

46. What is wawan?

A. He is my son

B. He is tall

C. He is popular boy

D. He’s a students

E. He’s my friend

47. Which of the following statement is true according to the text?

A. He has fair skin

B. He is not tall

C. He is a clever student

D. He is lazy boy

E. He has black skin

48. What is the correct physical description of Wawan?

A. A medium height boy with sharp nose and tan skin

B. A tall boy with sharp nose and brown skin

C. A tall boy with sharp nose and white skin

D. A tall boy with fair skin and flat nose

E. A medium height and fair skin

49. The word “good looking” in text can be replaced by …

A. Beautiful

B. Ugly

C. Nice

D. Handsome

E. Pretty

50. Wawan is smart because ….

A. He is good looking

B. He is my cousin

C. His teacher like him

D. He always rank first

E. His friend like him


  1. B
  2. C
  3. C
  4. E
  5. D
  6. E
  7. D
  8. D
  9. A
  10. A
  11. D
  12. B
  13. A
  14. C
  15. D
  16. B
  17. A
  18. B
  19. A
  20. C
  21. B
  22. D
  23. E
  24. A
  25. A
  26. A
  27. E
  28. B
  29. A
  30. D
  31. E
  32. C
  33. E
  34. E
  35. E
  36. C
  37. D
  38. E
  39. D
  40. C
  41. D
  42. B
  43. C
  44. D
  45. E
  46. D
  47. C
  48. B
  49. D
  50. D

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