Teks News Item It’s Garbage In, Arts Works Out – contoh teks news item tentang it’s garbage in, arts works out yang disampaikan untuk kelas 12 SMK sebagai modul ajar di sekolah.

Indonesia Opens Regional Recycling Conference

Petrus Riski

Februari 25, 2014 1:44 PM

Surabaya, Indonesia – Indonesia has opened a regional recycling conference aimed at increasing awareness of waste management for economic and environmental benefits.

The Fifth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific, which opened in Surabaya Tuesday, is being attended by 300 participants from nearly 40 Asia and Pacific countries.

The city was chosen to host the event because of its success in managing municipal waste through the 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Mayor Tri Rismaharini said waste transportation is expensive and that the best way to address the problem is at its sources, with every household involved in recycling activities. “We can see that every year there is a reduction in the volume of trash that ends up in the landfills. When I was the head of Sanitation and Parks, it was 2,300 cubic meters per day.

Currently it’s 1,200 cubic meters,” she explained. “So you can see the reduction, which goes to composting center, also in the community, and waste management centers.”

The mayor said the city also runs a program for children called eco school.

“The school does not only teach about the environment but also introduces environmental-friendly practices, such as the eco school program where they bring their own plates and cups to reduce plastic waste. They even don’t use drinking straws,” added Tri Tismaharini.

The conference will continue until Thursday. (Baca juga: Teks News Item Online School Registration)

Task 3: Let’s answer the questions.

Answer the following questions briefly based on the news item in Task 1.

  1. What was the main agenda of the conference?
  2. What was probably the main reason for holding the conference?
  3. Why was Surabaya selected to be the conference venue?
  4. How important was the conference for Indonesia?
  5. Has Indonesia implemented the three Rs so far?
  6. What did Rismaharini believe to be the best municipal waste management?
  7. What made the mayor very convinced about her waste management?
  8. How did the mayor educate students to live a zero waste life style?
  9. What do you think about the mayor’s concept on municipal waste management?

Task 2: Is it a verb or a noun?

Complete the following sentences with the correct verbs or nouns. See the example.

  1. Think of what you can contribute to make your school atmosphere and environment better. Your meaningful contribution will make you feel better about yourself.
  2. The artist _______ (replicate) the hairstyle of an Indian ethnic group in America, the Navajo. The _______ (replicate) looks beautiful.
  3. I _______ (promote) Sita and Budi to be the representatives of our class in the student organization. I will use poster for the _______ (promote).
  4. The architect _______ (incorporate) environmentally friendly materials in the design of the public library. The _____(incorporate) will make the new building harmonious with the surrounding.
  5. The painting _______ (exhibit) will take place in the main hall of the library. Not only national artists but also some high school students will _______ (exhibit) their works there.
  6. Do not _______ (pollute) this lake. If you do, the (pollute) will finally harm our health.
  7. Be proud of being able to _______ (create) this popup book yourself. Though it is not the best, you should appreciate the originality of your _______ (create). This is really much better than copying other people’s work.
  8. Children in the landslide area need our _______ (donate) for buying books and other learning materials. I suggest that everyone in this class _______ some of their pocket money.