jurnalartefak.comThe Term for the Fasting Month in English – Muslims all over the world fast in the month of Ramadan every year. You need to know, the terms in the fasting month are also in English. If you are curious, let’s look at some of the terms in the fasting month in English below.

Apart from worshiping in the month of Ramadan, we must remain enthusiastic in carrying out our daily activities. One of the activities we need to do for example is learning to speak English. You can improve learning English by knowing some of the terms and vocabulary of every event that occurs in your daily life.

Well, below are some of the terms in the fasting month in English that you need to know, so that you are still enthusiastic about carrying out activities in this month of Ramadan. Here’s an explanation and some examples!


In the month of Ramadan, the term fasting is most often used. Fasting itself means fasting, namely worship to endure hunger and thirst. This service is carried out from the rising of the dawn to the setting of the sun.

Example of sentences:

– Tomorrow is the first day of fasting.

– Fasting is an obligation to all Muslims in every Ramadan.

Fast Break / Iftar

After sunset, we are required to break our fast. In English, the correct term is not Breakfasting. The correct term is fast break. Another term that can also translate to breaking the fast is iftar.

Example of sentences:

– It’s an hour before iftar. Let’s buy some food then.

– I think we should do a fast breaking together tomorrow.


Apart from fasting, Muslims are also required to pray. Not only the month of Ramadan, prayer is a compulsory worship that must be performed every day. In English, the term prayer can be called prayer.

– Don’t forget to do your prayer.

– I am going to do a prayer first before eating.


Before starting fasting, Muslims are advised to go to dawn or eat food in the early morning before dawn. In English, the term sahur is known as Suhoor.

– Wake up! It is time for Suhoor, you have to eat something.

– Suhoor is important to give us energy while fasting.


Well, if this one worship is synonymous with Ramadan. Tarawih prayer is a form of worship after the evening prayer in every month of fasting. In English, Tarawih prayer is also called Taraweeh.

– Come on, we have to go to the mosque for Taraweeh.

– I will finish my homework after Taraweeh.

That was an explanation of the terms in the Fasting Month in English that you need to know. After knowing it, you can practice these words with your friends or relatives to further practice your English speaking skills. (Translated from EF)

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