Ungkapan Pengandaian dan mengkritik – Expressing supposition and Criticizing Expression, sebuah contoh Ungkapan Pengandaian dan mengkritik dalam Bahasa inggris. semoga materi ini bermanfaat untuk semuanya.

Expressing Supposition (menyatakan pengandaian)

Untuk menyatakan pengandaian, gunakan ungkapan-ungkapan sebagai berikut:

Ungkapan Supposition (menyatakan pengandaian)

  • If I continue my studies in Bandung, I will stay in my uncle’s house
  • If I win the competition, I will treat my friends
  • If Sita has spare time, she will try to cook new recipe
  • If we have a long holiday, we will go to Lombok
  • If Farid receive a scholarship, his parents will be proud

Contoh Soal Ungkapan Supposition (menyatakan pengandaian)

Girl: How should we go to Andi’s farewell party? Should we go by bus or train?

Boy: Let me see the schedule. I think we’d better get a train

Girl: won’t it be crowded at this time?

Boy: it can be, but we won’t be trapped on a traffic jam if we take a train

Girl: Ok, let ‘s go

Narrator: How would the girl and the boy go to the party?

  1. By motorcycle
  2. By car
  3. By bus
  4. By train
  5. By bicycle

Jawaban: D

Pembahasannya: anak laki-laki mengatakan “I think we’d better get a train” yang artinya “saya piker kita sebaiknya naik kereta api.” Gagasan ini disetujui oleh anak perempuan tersebut. Jadi anak perempuan dan anak laki-laki tersebut akan naik kereta api. Pilihan jawaban (D) benar. Pilihan jawaban yang lain tidak sesuai dengan isi percakapan; (A) artinya naik sepeda motor, (B) artinya naik mobil, (C) artinya naik bus, dan (E) artinya naik sepeda.

Criticizing (mengkritik)

Untuk mengkritik, gunakan ungkapan-ungkapan sebagai berikut.

Ungkapan mengkritik

  • That wasn’t very clever
  • What were you thinking of?
  • I can’t understanding why did that
  • I know your reason, but you have made everyone annoyed
  • Your writing needs more improvement
  • I must tell you that your bad behavior makes our parents upset

Contoh Soal Ungkapan Mengkritik

Girl: you told me that we would complete our assignment today, but why don’t you bring the work which we have done?

Boy: I’m sorry. I woke up a bit late, so I forgot to bring the work

Girl: you should have prepared everything at night before you went to sleep. You could also turn on the reminder. I’m really worried that we couldn’t finish the assignment on time

Boy: I am really sorry. Well, what if we finish it at your place this afternoon?

Girl: that’s what I want to hear from you, but you have to keep your word.

Boy: I promise

Narrator: why did the girl blame the boy?

  1. He seldom keeps his promise
  2. He didn’t bring the work to school
  3. He forgot that he would have a study club
  4. He didn’t call the girl before going to school
  5. He didn’t tell the girl that he has finished the assignment

Jawaban: B

Pembahasannya; pilihan jawaban (B) karena sesuai dengan kalimat anak laki-laki tersebut “I woke up a bit late, so I forgot to bring the work” yang artinya “saya bangun agak terlambat sehingga saya lupa membawa pekerjaannya”. Pilihan jawaban yang lain tidak sesuai dengan isi percakapan; (A) artinya ia jarang menepati janjinya, (C) artinya ia lupa bahwa ia akan belajar kelompok, (D) artinya ia tidak menelpon anak perempuan tersebut sebelum pergi sekolah, dan (E) artinya ia tidak member tahu anak perempuan itu bahwa ia telah menyelesaikan tugas. Sumber: Detik-detik UN B.Inggris untuk SMK/MAK Intan Pariwara